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Just a quick update. Dr finally realized that I was serious about not getting rid of Kitty because of my allergies, and decided to order allergy shots to help. Thanks to all the people who offered suggestions and support a few months ago when I first posted about this!!!
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i used to be TERRIBLY allergic to cats my whole life until i finally got one of my own - not caring about the consequences. i have ALWAYS adored cats and no matter what, i was determined to give one a home. well it took me almost a full year with my first cat before i developed what is apparently a sort-of tolerance to them. it has to do with their dander, i believe. for a year, i was miserable around my cat, but absolutely ecstatic about finally having one... after than, it seemed that my symptoms dissipated (my doctor had advised i get rid of the cat altogether but i said NO WAY)... now i have 2 cats and we're all great! no bothersome allergies (not to the cats, anyway!)... i brush them often and bathe them about once a month to reduce the dander. there are also these kitty "baby wipes" type things that help and are easier than bathing them (which they sort-of got used to). when i go to other people's homes where there are more than one cat, though, strangely enough my allergies are set off again, but i'm sure it's because of the precautions I take at home. i also vacuum as often as i can and use one of those sticky rollers to pick up as much loose fur as i can.

we are all living happily now and i only have to battle my seasonal allergies now!

good luck with yours - hang in there - in my opinion, it's SO worth it!
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Oh Judi....I am so glad you are going to get the allergy shots...I hope it helps...please let us know!!!!!
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I am so happy the Dr is going to help you. Michelerad knows a bit about the allergies. She has I think 17 cats and 3 dogs, she is allergic as the devil. Maybe she can shed some more light on the whole thing.
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I know I read your original thread, but I have forgotten some of the details. I think it would be helpful to vacuum often. My daughter is allergic and lives on Benedryl when she is at my house. But since I moved, she hasn't been bothered. Makes me think I had a lot of cat hair build-up in my old apartment.

Like Jade, I was always terribly allergic too. If I petted someone's cat and forgot to wash me hands immediately, my eyes would swell up and itch like crazy! I have never had one problem with my own cats, though. Sometimes I think it's mind over matter.

I hope the allergy shots work. I had them weekly when I was a kid. Made all the difference in the world.

Good luck!
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Way to go! Years ago, a secretary with whom I worked received such shots on a regular basis — because she loved her cats and would not give them up. I congratulate you upon your loving (and wise) decision! Maybe, someday, physicians and landlords will get the message: The "pursuit of happiness" includes keeping cats.

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I have had reactions to other people's cats, especially long haired cats, but unless Kitty scratches or bites me and breaks the skin She doesn't cause any reactions. She loves to rub her head all over my face and to lick my cheek or nose. Nothing. Finally convinced dr. Most of my allergies are outdoor pollens (cottonwood trees are the worst!!) and dust, but according to the allergy tests cat and dog reactions are the strongest. Unfortunately, I never know if an allergen will cause nasal allergy symptoms or hives, or even what will trigger a reaction. The only thing I am sure of is that my baby is innocent no matter what the tests say and I will never give her up!!

Tanks everyone for the suppoet and encouragement!
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