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Is your house clean?

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Just wondering because mine isn't....I spend wayyyyyy toooo much time on this dang computer and I know some of you all have to have messy houses like mine!!! Confession time
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Ummmmm.... yes....

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Nope, it's a pit! LOL

MY excuse is that it's supposed to be hubby's job. I work full time, and work on Save Samoa and Stray Pet Advocacy, and am the administrative contact for the Colorado Highpower Shooting Team starting this year. He DJ's once a week and produces a radio show that takes abotu 8-12 hours a week to do.
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Oh, I'm so happy I'm not the only one! But, so embarased that I'm not in the Martha Stewart club! My excuses: work full-time, go to school 3/4 time, run my charitable business, and try to make time to spend time with friends and family! Some day, my domestic prince will come ...
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i started laughing when i read this!!! NO WAY!!!!!! I just start working full time and the ONLY thing in my house that is clean are the litter boxes
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I have a very untidy house, and my excuse is that I am really lazy and hate picking things up and putting them away. And now, when I do, the cats get really upset because I am moving things around.
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Ok ,I'm the odd one in the bunch. My house is clean. For the most part. BUT, I have a home daycare so I don't have much choice. I have parents and kids in and out constantly and I couldn't get away w/ an untidy home since its my place of business.
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Smiles and cheers!
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I really need to vacuum. There are large tufts of Buddy, all around the house. However, it is 103 and I don't feel like it.

Otherwise, the house is clean.
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I can find anything...just no one else can!
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It took me 5 hours to clean it yesterday so I could have alll day to day to play and I ended up finishing the laundry and dishes this am.
Oh well at least I didn't have to much to do (just a few loads of laundry and to set off the dish washer) and could play most of the day. Today was my day off and I didnt' want to spend it inside, it was the first beautiful one i've had in a LONG time!
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Ummm...... that means messy.
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No, not too clean. Although the night before I left for Dad's house, I spent several hours cleaning up the kitchen (scrubbing cabinets, washing tablecloth, etc.). I always feel the need to clean BEFORE I go on vacation.
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LOL Dragonlady! Thats just like at my house Ted can't ever find anything,and if I tell him there it is He still can;t find it,I will go and walk right to it and hand it to him!He is allways baffeled!(sp)
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Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

Believe me, I really try to keep it clean, but for some reason it never works out the way I want it.

We're trying to go through everything (attic included) and get rid of stuff we've accumulated over the past 17 years. I try to keep everything picked up, but...sounds like a few of you know what I'm going through

Maybe some day.....
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not at the moment. my excuse is i'm so busy. saturday is my cleaning day, yea, that's is. seriously, i am going to scrub this weekend. sometimes i just get in that cleaning mood. although i usually do something else until it passes.
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Brenda, thanks for the laugh!
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NO--I have a husband who's a pipefitter who traipses around the place in muddy boots and I have a son (age 6) who likes to drag everything in his room into the living room, kitchen, and our bedroom. My husband also smokes (trying to quit) and he has the annoying habit of not using an ashtray (he uses a crumpled piece of paper or a cigarette package or something). ARGHHHHHH!!!!!!

I try to clean twice a week, but between the two of them I'm a loser. When it was just me and the cats the cats ganged up on the clean house too. I don't like cleaning that much so I just clean on my scheduled days and forget the rest unless we have company.

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Not messy... "differently organized".
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Nope, I have an excessive mmorpg habit. Those of you who know what that is will understand.
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Here is a picture of my desk as of yesterday (took a pic for a similar thread on a different msg board.)

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Um...No. I'm with Val - the litter boxes ARE clean!
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my cat room is clean- the rest of the house, we won't talk about.
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It is clean enough to stay pretty healthy and dirty enough to feel well . Our home is clean, but there is stuff around wo is not standing in a line .
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Well it was yesterday, but with 7 cats, hair is always a problem, I have to vac everyday. We have taken most of the carpet out of our house so its pretty easy to keep clean, just have to pick up the clutter today and wash the dishes.
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If I could train myself not to let my kitchen table be a catch-all, it's not too bad. Saturday is my cleaning day. I also clean before I go on vacation (I guess to impress the kitty sitter).
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Our apartment isn't too bad, mostly because Mike is a clean freak. I grew up in a very messy house, so I don't see messes like he does. I try to keep the dishes done, the living room picked up, etc, but I don't usually think of things like mopping floors, vacuuming, or such, until they get really bad. Mike and I had a fight about it yesterday. *sigh*
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