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Any .. Time.. Now??

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Hi My kitty is at the end of her pregnancy.. Shes due any time now.. I am feeling "Anticipation.." ( Think Ketchup bottle commercial.. ) Her "private" is starting to get a bit bigger.. ( I'm guessing to be able to push the kittens out lol) And Shes licking "That Area"..But shes eating so I know its not gonna be for more then 24 hours lol..

How much longer do you think...... The Vet said.. ( 2 weeks ago) That it'd be around the 23-30.. But I seriously cant wait up for 7 days , all night thinking Are they gonna come tonight lol...

How much longer lol...
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I think i will put this in the Health forum for you-
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I wish I knew the answer but I bet you are very excited to see those babies!! I would just keep and eye on her for the next 24 hrs..Good Luck and keep us posted!
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Yes,I am going nuts!! :Nervous: lol..I wish I knew the range of when ?? like for Example From Today to tomorrow.. oh gawd but probably, If I knew I'd be smothering her more then I am now lol.. Oh is she gettin Beachy..I mean Mad.. Is this a sign shes going to have them soon lol..

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She will start pacing, mewing, and will go off her food for 24 hrs before the first kitten appears. Just to be safe, have your vet's phone number handy. Good luck!
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snowwhite meowed for two days non stop and then had the kittens when i was sleeping I woke up to three little fluffy kittens! I hope she has an easy labor. Sounds like it should be pretty soon! Good luck!
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Soo???? Any kittens yet?????
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No.. But This Afternoon I saw kittens kicking like every five minutes.. lol I am guessing over the weekend.. I hope so though..
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Crystal, any developments?
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She meowing a bit.. her stomache looks HUGE.. and thats basically whats going on.. Shes eating though.. I want them now lol.. But hey its not like I can push them out of her lol
When shes ready shes ready I guess.. :\\
I put a Heating pad though under her "birthing area" ( under 2 blankets so its mildly warm I dont want to burn the mommy or kittens when she has them..)

I'll keep up-dated!!
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snowwhite ate right up until she was ready to have them so hopefully it will be soon!!!
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... This pregnancy is the worst, shes acting so mean to me.. shes growling and actually scratching and biting me and my other cats! But Shes gotten so worse since 8:00 .. She accidently fell and I dont know if it injured her or her babies.. I'm worried... Would she be showing any signs of her babies being hurt?? My mom doesnt have enoug money to take her to the vet right now.. And I dont know what to do..
But she has been moody but I dont know if the babies were harmed in the fall..

Please help..
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What do you mean she accidently fell? From what height? She should be in a room by herself away from the other cats, that is the best thing for her. Have a birthing box ready for her, a dark place she can lay down in, her food and water and litter boxes nearby. If she fell from a great height, you need to take her to the vet to be checked!
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About 27 inches.. I hope shes ok... ( Cries ) Shes acting like she wants to kill me and her sister.. ( fur-sister that is..) I cant put my other cat in another room because we just got a new dog and shes terrified of him...
I dont know what to do. Im only a kid.. I wish I could make her be her normal nicer self.. now shes just growling at me and she used to do that before ( occasionally when she didnt get her way..) but she'd always then cuddle in to me as she was saying sorry .. now ( after the accident )shes just scratching biting and growling! She wont let me pet her or nothing..
I am worried shes hurt or her babies are.. I love her and I dont want her to be hurting or her babies to be died or anything like that (GOD FORBID!!)

Please Help,
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She is probably acting mean because she is ready to go into labor. There are a lot of changes going on inside of her and she is adjusting. Her best thing would be to be put into a room by herself where no one can bother her. Even just putting a box in a closet, might appease her. You really should tell you mom that she needs to go to a vet. If she is scratching and biting right now, then she may be doing so out of pain. Please try and talk to your mom and tell her how important it is for this momcat to see a vet. A vet is the only one that can help you, because he is there- we are just on a board and can't help you at all, not really.
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Yeah I guess.. I had to just loan my mom money, to pay for their cat food... And my mom doesnt have much money to work with.. right now, were in the pits.. but she gets paid on the 28th.. But I guess if shes in alot of pain I can take out of my bank account or scrunge up anything I can find in my room ..I love her and I dont want anything to be wrong with her and her babies.. But now shes bette shes laying down sleeping.. but she is laying on her tummy alot?? could there be something wrong??

so much for your advice..
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No one on the internet can diagnose your cat's problems, if she has any because we are not there in the moment to see her. If it were my cat, I would take her to the vet to be sure everything is okay. Part of having a cat, is to accept all the responsibility that comes with that ownership. Emergencies happen, and if you don't have the money for one cat and her care, what are you going to do after the kittens arrive? More kittens means more money out of pocket to pay for more kitty litter, more food for momcat, then food for the babies, if the babies are not healthy what then? I am not yelling at you, so please don't think I am mad. I am just explaining that sometimes it is better to find other alternatives if you can for a situation like you are in. I do advise that once these kittens are born, and after they are weaned, you get this momcat spayed. I hope the fall didn't injure a kitten, but again I wasn't there to see her fall, or how she fell. I would take her to the vet to be safe.

Good luck-
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i agree with everything hissy said. I sure hope that babies and mommy are okay. A closet would be a great place to put her. She might not want you around when she gives birth and she maybe very protective off her babies. I think he needs alone time right now, and to go to the vet to make sure that fall didn't hurt her.
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When I woke up she was licking me and sleeping on top of me lol... Gawd is she having mood sings I guess lol she is acting just fine now..purring, licking me and her.... ( something's fishy ... because my other cat was laying next to me also.. and princey doesn't allow anyone but her to sleep next to me.. ) I don't think she's hurt now.. ( I wanted to wait and see if she got better if not in the morning then I would have taken her to the vet.. plus in the night emergency hospitals charge DOUBLE the amount .... ..) Now she's just roaming the house .. Doing what she has been doing lately .. lol.. she I guess is looking orwhere to have her kittens right??

Thanks so much guys!!
You are really a great help!!
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We Called the Vet, And He wants to see princey to check her out and her babies out.. ( He said we can pay after whn my mom gets paid) The Appointments tomorrow though.. But she hasnt eaten since Four O'Clock Am, this morning.. And She's drinking water also.. Is this a sign of babies coming soon? Shes also staying in my room when she'd normally be roaming the house??

Sorry I keep posting.. whenever think "somethings" Gonna happen its just this is my second time of kitty pregnancy.. ( the first time my cat died with the babies in her.. This was a few years ago.. when I was 6 years old... 8 years ago.. So I am a bit worried with Princey..) And I didnt know my first cat was pregnant.. and I know Princey is so I want everything to go smoothly..
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That's great about taking her to the vet! He should be able to answer all your questions (not that we mind them) But perhaps you can write all your questions down and while you are there just ask away. Or you can ask us if you like, but he would be the better choice. There are only two members here who are vet techs that I know of.
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Well If she goes into labor tonight or shall I say tomorrow morning.. What do I do lol... Im kinda nervous.. I've never seen a kitty birth...

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they do this all the time, and usually it goes without a hitch. Try to relax and not worry, she will pick up any stress you are carrying around. Put her in a room by herself, and check on her every now and again. Have your vet's phone number handy just in case. If she does start to give birth, sit by her (if she lets you) when the first kitten slides out, if she doesn't immediately start licking and chewing to remove the sac and chew off the cord you will have to intervene. But let her make the first move, don't just reach in and grab the kitten in your excitement, the cord is still attached, so if you pull, you can do some damage to mom and babies. You will be able to break the sac with your fingers, but the cord is slippery and you need sterilized scissors to cut that.

Most moms are good about being mothers, it's in their nature. It is usually only the really young ones who should of never been mated in the first place where you have trouble.

Crystal I just sent you a PM- so check your private messages.
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*hugs* I know how this is tearing you up...waiting is the worst part. 2 of my kitties had their babies the same night(sisters) and they were both runts and looked to small to have them. Luckily they both had them no problem. I know it seems like this is taking forever, but human females sometimes have the same problem and then finally have them with no complications. The main thing you need to do is have everything planned, water, vet number, money, and a dark quiet place for her and her kittens. Also, dont bother her too much. Grandma had several cats have kittens on her farm before I was born and if the mother was bothered alot, she didnt want to have them untill she was left alone and found a quiet place. understand I'm not telling you to ignore her, what I mean is to check on her alot, but dont mess with her or anything unless she comes to you. I know how worried you are. I know you feel helpless. It's OK to feel that way...just dont let yourself feel to bad. She may be able to pick up on your emotions like some kitties like mine can. After they are born, you will be happy and have worried yourself crazy and look back and laugh. All Im saying is that as much as it hurts, there isnt much you can do that your're not already doing. YOu are providing all the love you can. After she is born and they are born, you do need to get them fixed so you wont have to go through this again. Trust me they breed fast.
GOOD LUCK and sorry if I seemed harsh...just trying to tell you the truth about this and wanting to help.
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I didnt find that harsh! Actually I wanted to thank you for your input! It actually helps

Oh and I have an update on the kitty.. ( turning for the worst lol)We went to the vet and he said shes probably going to be having the babies around june 10!.. I guess her gestation period isnt the other kittys! So more waiting! So 2 months and 20 days.. Approx. 80 days! but other then that teittens are okay and so is the mommy.. oh and we got around 6-7 kittens! and he said the first time around the 23rd to 30th what a crock! lol Got me excited for nothing!

Oh well lol.. I'll update you on any other info that comes my way

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No problem I love to help...and I know how stressfull this can be. I just wanted to give you alittle comfort

Hmmm...well that must me frustrating...I guess all you can do is make sure she's someplace she cant be climbing and jumping(no more falls)untill time.
Keep us posted on everything
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Well I am noticing her looking "around" like shes lost something.. lol suppose shes looking for a place to have her kittens.. ( this is the first time I've noticed her "really" look)

More updates laters!!
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