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I love my Doctor!

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As some of you know 1 I am not working right now and neither is Ted ,so we don't have medical insurance,and 2 I am bipolar,well my Dr. has been giving me my meds.He gets samples from the people who sell meds.and he has been givimg me what I need!If he wasn't I would't be able to buy them.I think the world of him,of course he has been my Dr. for 20 years so he know about me!!!
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That's a great doctor. My rheumatologist was great, too. Once he found out I didn't have insurance he didn't charge me for the visit.
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What's his #?? I need meds myself! I suffer from depression and anxiety especially..
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That is very nice of him Sherral!

My doc has given me free samples before of meds( like Diflucan), just so I don't have to go the pharmacy. I have full health coverage, but he gives it to me anyways which is kind of nice I think. But the pharmaceutical companies expect them to give them out to patients I think, thats why they let them have all the samples in the first place!
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My Mum has that too. Her Doctor for 10yrs retired then some dumb a$$ took over and put her like 7 different drugs at once. Then after her twice monthy visits would change the meds around again.

She stopped taking it all except Lithium and that she only does every other day NOT 3 times daily like he prescribed. She just tells him "oh ya, I'm fine".....how would he know he sees her not even 5 minutes.
It was a very difficult time to go through w/her and I'm so happy to hear your family PhD cares so much. Thats why I want to be a doctor to help people, not cattle them through the office.
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I'm Bipolar too. That's only responsible of your doctor to try to keep you on meds even when you can't afford them. Also check with the drug companies because they often have a free med plan for people who can't afford them.

As for the mother who doesn't take her Lithium like she should--maybe you could suggest trying something else? Lithium usually really affects people so they don't like it. I didn't like it because whenever I got to therapeutic levels my body reacted as if I were taking a toxic level. There's 6 or 7 other meds out there. I went through them all until we found one called Topamax. (I'm allergic to 3 of them.) The Topamax never made me feel weird, it only made me feel like myself again.

Right now I'm off of all meds (doctor supervised) because we're trying to get pregnant and only Lithium is recommended. Ugh!

Hope this helps!
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