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Another question about kittens...

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One of my little ones enjoys eating the kitty litter from the adult cat box... Um is this normal???

~ Salem
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Pretty much, but for now, don't use clumping litter (if you are) use regular clay litter. When you see the kitten eating the kitty litter just move him out of the box and distract him in other ways.
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This can kill your kitten!!!

Please do not allow your kitten to eat clumping litter. If you can't keep her away from the clumping litter, switch to Swheat Scoop (made from wheat) until she grows out of this behavior!
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my little one stormy likes to try to eat the litter, she gets a mouthful and then spits it out. I just take her over to her food and show her what she should be putting in her mouth! I'm hoping she will out grow it soon.
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I never knew kittens eat litter!!!! Oh dear...I have a few questions now: how can I you know they are if I dont see it? How can I stop them if I'm not always there with them? What causes this?? I cant see how this could possibly taste or smell good..ich!
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There has been no substantial proof anywhere that I can find where clumping litter kills kittens. The only thing I have ever seen was one email written by a woman who claimed clumping litter killed her kittens. I subscribe to a wonderful magazine called Catnip that addresses all sorts of health issues and care issues. This is what they have to say about kittens and kitty litter:

"Cats of all ages occasionally eat their litter. According to Dr. Barbara Stein, director of the Cat Clinic in Chicago, Illinois, “Cats and kittens often ingest litter when they are anemic,†The behavior is an example of pica--a craving for a non-food substance. If you see your kitten or cat eating litter, take the animal to your veterinarian for a checkup.

Some owners have voiced concerns to CATNIP about kittens ingesting clumping litter. Is clumping litter safe for kittens? At present, nothing in the scientific literature suggests problems for kittens that ingest clumping litter. On the other hand, Dr. Amy Marder, animal behaviorist and clinical assistant professor at Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine, has heard stories from veterinarians and veterinary technicians about cases where (they believe) clumping litter caused a problem. “But these cases are rare and anecdotal,†says Dr. Marder. “No one has collected the data.â€

Although there is no proven relationship between ingestion of clumping litter and gastrointestinal upsets, we recommend keeping a watchful eye on kittens. given that kittens are curious and adventurous, you have to expect that when you plunk them down in any litter for the first time, they may test it out. Some may taste the new “stuff†to find out whether it’s food, and some may play in it. Certainly, as with any kitten “first,†you need to be available to supervise and help a kitten understand what it’s meant to do in a litter box."

"Your kitten would have to be really small and eat a lot of litter before it would do any harm" according to the experts.

I have been using clumping a long time, and have never had a problem. The one kitten I had long ago that kept eating litter, was found to be anemic and once treated, stopped eating the litter.
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moe and neo had were raised with clumbing litter from 5 weeks on and they are fine. I used non clumbing with these new guys because they were just putting everything in there mouthes! But now they aren't doing that so i'm going to be switching over to clumbing soon. I don't think they really eat it. I think they just taste it to see if it is food since they don't really know any better and then spit it out. At least that is what it looked like stormy was doing.
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Gee, I always tell my students not to believe everything they read, and then I go and do that very thing!

Mary Anne, thanks for letting us know the truth about climping litter being okay for kittens.

Now...excuse me while I go sit in the corner and hide my face in shame!
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LOL Renae- it is a great urban legend.....It could happen I suppose, but other than that one email long ago, I have not heard of it happening. The kitten would have to be replacing food for kitty litter- but still, for young kittens, clay litter is best, because they step in their urine usually and clumping builds up under their pads and that can be a big problem.
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so then what would be a good clay cat litter?

~ Salem
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That had me worried Im glad it's not true. I didnt want anyof my kittens eating that stuff. Maybe we should start a myth or fact forum.
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Salem Swheat Scoop is a good litter for kitties, or just a regular clay litter with not a lot of perfumes added.
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