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Not cat related, but this just BITES!

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A friend of mine just relayed to me that the Los Angeles Zoo has decided to separate two female elephants that have been together 16 years! This move could seriously impair the health of both animals, for they are so attached to each other and will go into a long period of grieving.

If anyone wants to send an email about this, send it to
Mayor Hahn at mayorhahn@mayor.lacity.org
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awwwww why are the going to do that! that is so sad
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How mean! The poor girls!
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Is there a web site I can go to to read about this?
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I sent an email to Mayor Hahn. I hope many of you will join me. Please address the issue with courtesy, or your email will be ignored.
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Oops sorry Renae

Ruby & Gita
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That made me want to cry. It is such a cruel thing to do.

I wrote a very nice letter to the mayor. I hope it helps.
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Yep I did too- thanks renae and jeanie for helping out here.
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I am sad to report that Ruby was shipped out on Memorial Day. My heart hurts.........
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Well, the mayor didn't bother answering my email. My guess is that Gita and Ruby will mourn for a long, long time. How cruel.
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People can be so cruel! I hope the people who made this decision don't have children....if they do they must be just as heartless in their interactions with their children.
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This was just sent to me

Ruby & Gita

I can't imagine what it must of been like loading this elephant which is why they probably had to chain her. It just fries me!
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That makes my stomach hurt. The things supposedly educated people do sometimes just makes me sick.
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I just love this part the best:

"Despite the elephants' 16-year bond, the Los Angeles Zoo maintains that because Ruby is an African and Gita is an Asian, "Ruby will be better off with her own kind" at the Knoxville Zoo, which keeps African elephants exclusively. "

This doesn't even make any sense. If they wanted Ruby to be better off with 'her own kind', doesn't this mean Asiatic elephants, not African elephants. The perverted logic they use sum's up Doyle's case rather well. She's better off staying with Ruby who is after all an African elephant which is the end result isn't it?

If anyone was to look at this case with utterly no emotion and only with the economics involved, they too would come to the conclusion of leaving Gita with Ruby, saving her stress, (possibly risking an elephant), and taxpayer's money needed to be spent on the move.
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HOW SAD IS THAT!......keep us updated please.
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Not only that, but they are putting her with another violent elephant! Makes no sense to me, I can't imagine the heartache these two elephants are feeling right now. They both must be inconsolable.
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