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Tell us your first name.

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Many of us here have our first name in our sig but some don't. I like to use a person's real name when I'm replying, rather that their username, if I can. I thought we could compile a list of people's first names here.

I'm Tania.
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Mine is Ericka.

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Baptized shirley.

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I'm Terri
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My name is Niina

(I'll go and edit my signature too)
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You know what... I don't like my Hebrew name, and a lot of my American friends just started calling me Katie, since my original name is hard to pronounce and sounds weird. The "Katie" thing started out as a joke, but caught on...

So either Katie or Nunny is great!
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hi everyone, my name is Anna
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I think everyone knows my name here..I'm Kathy! :O)
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Hello everyone,I'm Jugen or Barb, which ever you prefer.
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Mary Anne or M.A. as my friends call me
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Valerie, everyone calls me Val
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Sue (short for Susan, which no one calls me)
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Cindy - NEVER Cynthia. ("Cynthia" makes me think that I'm in trouble.)
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Lizza (pronounced Lisa)
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Laura (that one was easy to guess).
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Hi folks, I'm Angela. It's fine to call me Ang or Angel, but never Angie!!!
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I'm Heidi
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I'm Michelle, but go by Shell by a lot of people. I'll usually answer to just about anything, but don't call me Shelly. That name just gives me chills up my spine!
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Christy or Chris. My full name is Christine, but like Cindy, if someone calls me that I think I'm in trouble.
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I'm Teresa
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hi my name is laura
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My nickname since I was a baby is Ady (pronounce as the letters A, D), but my name is Adrienne. I answer to either.
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Hi, I'm Samantha but you can call me Sam
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I am Nattasha, but you can call me Tasha for short!
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