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Guilty or Not Guilty? - Page 3

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Yummmm, maybe slightly guilty- like not intentional tefting

Do you ride the back of the car in front of you?-drive REALLY,REALLY close
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Nope - i hate tailgaters!

Do you ever prentend to listen to someone on the phone, when you really are doing something else?
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guilty guilty guilty!!

Have u ever bought something, worn/used it, then returned it to the store?
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Have you ever "accidentally" disconnected a phone call with someone you did not want to talk to?
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guilty, but only on my cell on desperate occasions..

Ever lie about how much u paid for something? (either too much or too little, I used to have this fake designer purse and when someone would kick it by mistake or something I would scream "That's a $300 purse" but really it was like $30 lol)
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Yup - I always tell my hubby I bought something cheaper then what I paid for it.

Do you ever play computer games at work?
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Guilty, but only after regular work hours when I'm on the swing shift because our boss actually looks for this activity in order to fire you.

Have you ever pretended to read a book for school, but never read it or finished it? (did it twice)
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guilty! so many times it's not even funny..

have u ever went in late to work and blamed it on a flat tire or a wreck or something when actually you slept in?
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Guilty! Although I haven't done it yet at this job.

Do you watch any of the many home decorating shows on TV these days?
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