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Not guilty, I leave a nickel so they don't think I just forgot the penny.

Have you pulled any all nighters after high school or college?

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Guilty. Both the traditional all nighters and the kind we people who work midnights call "all dayers." hahaha. Who needs sleep! It's such a waste of time.

Have you ever told your boss where to go, then quit midshift? (returning only for your paycheck)

(I've been tempted once or twice)
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Not guilty, but also tempted.

Have you ever been late to work, cause you didn't feel like being there, and made up a lame excuse like oversleeping or traffic?
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Not Guilty!

Have you ever dyed your hair a wacky color?
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guilty - green (accidentally)

Have you ever stolen something from a convenience store?
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GUILTY I was arrested for shoplifting in my teens. I got away with quite a bit before that. And for the previous question, I've had my hair red, orange, green, blue, purple and pink!

Have you ever gotten a tattoo that you regretted?
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Not guilty--my parents would have killed me (and probably still would) and my husband would do the same (he hates the fact that I have a simple double piercing in each ear).

Was there anything that you fought with your parents over while growing up that you actually turned out to be right on?

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In my eyes, yes, but in my parents eyes, I was never right....that is with just about every decision I ever made in my life!!

Have you ever not washed some of your dh's/so's clothes and put it back in the drawer because it wasn't all that dirty but, you made him believe you did wash it? Yes, I am guilty of this!
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Not Guilty, because we do our own laundry separately (and his clothes never end up in a drawer except right after we move!).

Ever called in sick to work/school just to have a play day?
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not guilty....it has been a long long time..I have been a stay at home mom for 6 years now, and I can't call in even if I am sick..

have you ever pranked called anyone?
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not guilty...

Can't help bringing another pet to the house?
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Ever ditch school because your boyfriend wanted you to?
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Have you ever got caught picking your nose in public?
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Not guilty!

Ever driven drunk?
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Guilty, not proud of that by any means! I was young, stupid and thought I was invinsible!

While you were cooking something, you dropped the main ingredient...have you ever picked it up off the floor and served it anyway?
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"It dropped on a napkin!" I learned that from my mother, so Guilty.

Did you lie on your driver's license about weight?
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Oh Yeah! I'm guilty! There was no way I was going to put my actual weight on there! I always deduct at at least 20 pounds!

Ever cried to get out of a ticket?
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Not guilty! But I did try to talk a motorcycle cop in to taking me for a ride after he pulled me over. I talked to him for a few minutes, and when he kept saying "no" I said "well, I think I'll just go home then, got in my car, and drove off! The state line was only a hundred yards away, and I figured I could make it before he cranked up and came after me.
Did you ever cheat on a test in school?
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Did you ever have a crush on any of your teachers in high school?
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Not guilty--not in HS, but in Elementary school.

Have your kids ever caught you having sex?

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Noo way!! Hubby and I very careful and secretive..

have you ever gotten a DUI?
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Not guilty! I was always the designated driver because I rarely drink and now I don't drink at all.

Have you ever told your spouse or SO "I love you!" just to end a fight?

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Noooo not guilty...I am too stubborn,,I ALWAYS win the fights here

Do you like to sleep with the windows open at night?
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Guilty! LOVE IT--LOVE IT--LOVE IT! I even had the windows open a tad in the middle of winter in Chicago and in Wyoming. Drives my husband nuts.

Have you ever told your spouse or SO that you would or wouldn't do something and then turned around and did the opposite?

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Can't think of anything, so no not guilty..I stand high on my words when i say something..at least most of the time..

are you usually a grinch like me during the holidays?
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Semi-Guilty! I'm usually trying so hard to enjoy them that occasionally I become grouchy.

Have you ever told a joke that you've later regretting telling because of the circumstances in which you told it?

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Guilty as charged! I hate it when you think a joke is hilarious and then you tell it to a group of people and they just give you blank looks.

Have you ever faked feeling sick so you could spend half a day or a day in bed, doing absolutely nothing?
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Wayyyyyy guilty! I can usually get away with it, though, because I have fibromyalgia and if I get too stressed I have relapses.

Do you watch Emeril on TV?
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Guilty--in the beginning, NOT THAT i EVER WATCHED MUCH TV.

Ever (pass gas) in public, then run; or blame it on the kat --because ladies don't FART!!!
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Not guilty! My Dad was the one who'd always pass gas and embarrass the whole family (he's the only guy!).

Have you ever borrowed anything only to never return it?
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