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Update on Nakita

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I wanted to give you all an update on Nakita. He is doing quite well and I believe he is gaining some needed weight. Just to clue some people in, I have adopted a stray cat as of Saturday night. He was starved, and with many ticks on him, and two large wounds behind his ears from ear mites. I took him to the vet yesterday afternoon and the vet said that he is quite healthy, however, his ears were full of mites. Since yesterday, Nakita has been more active, and more playful than ever. He has been eating a lot, and playing a lot. He has even become more vocal, with his little mewing. He greets me at the door every day when I come home from work, and I sit with him for a few hours before tending the other pets we have. He is due on Tuesday to visit the vet again for a checkup. I thank all of you for your help, and hopefully in two weeks he will be in the house with the other pets, and I will come to everyone with some other issues.

Oh, by the way, he has not had any bad reactions to the Hartz medications, but I have been warned not to use it again. We have been feeding him Iams food. Please let me know if you recommend anything else that I may do to make his experience much better, and the transition from stray cat to house cat more fluid. We did make him a little bed out of an old sofa cushion and a towel for now. I think next week I will take that towel to the resident cat to see what he thinks about it. So far with the scent on our clothes, both cats seem fine. Our resident cat is 3 years old, and the new one is 10 months old. Can this cause any problems with the first meeting, or is the age difference just enough to where they won't have too many problems? Also, is there anything we can do to make Nakita's garage stay more pleasant for him? Thanks.
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Clinton - so glad to hear Nakita is getting better and stronger. What about some toys in the garage to stop him getting bored? Maybe a scratching post or something to chase/hunt?

Let us know how he gets on and how you finally integrate him with your inside fur babies.
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Hi Clinton!
Thanks for the update on Nakita! Here's a link to an article you will find helpful when you are ready to introduce Nakita to your to your resident cat.

FYI: The author of the article is one of the most knowledgeable members here and goes by the name of Hissy on the boards.
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Thanks Guys~
Nakita is doing well, and he is doing better every day. We are taking him to the vet next week, and we were thinking about putting him in the basement for a while so he can hear some of the house noises and smell some of the other pets before we actually bring him into the house. I think this will do quite well, as the furnace is in the basement, and when it kicks on, it sort of circulates some of the air around and the pet smells so he can become more familiar with what is going on upstairs. What do you guys think?

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