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Nail trimming?

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I have had my cat for 2 years now since she was a kitten, so this might be a little late to be asking. I have never trimmed my cats nails and was wondering if it was o.k. not to or is it unhealthy for her or what? She loves scratching on her posts and other stuff but her nails don't seem to get caught or snagged on anything??
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HI Meredith and welcome!

On the contrary, Meredith.. i feel that it is never too late... the fact that you are posting to inquire further only indicates your love for your furbaby! :

Personally, i think it is important to keep kitties' nails short and neat. i groom my furbabies on a daily basis, and trim their nails at least ONCE a week. Oh yes, i think it is an excellent idea to provide scratch pads/posts or sisal rope posts for them to "file" their nails.

i trim my kitties' nails a little one at a time, paying attention to the pink "quick" area. Yes, it is extremely important not to cut into this area, as bleeding will occur.

i have three different clippers. My favorite is a small human nail clipper. It is actually pretty easy and fast. Practice makes perfect i guess?

Normally, i will lay paper towels on my lap before i do any clippings (to collect the deposits.) i will place my Daisy or Venus on my lap and start clipping. The entire process is really fast. i throw away the paper towels after the deed is done. i normally give them a treat after. Their current favorites are chicken baby food treats.

Here is a site for you:


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Better late than never,,, I think it is totally healthy for your cats nails to be trimmed..If you aren't sure of how to do it, ask your vet to show you, and what type of trimmers are best to use..This is what I did, and now I am a pro at clipping nails...well, only Fluffy's...Rocky will NOT let me do his! little terd
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Thankyou for all your great advice, I'm going to get a pair of trimmers and give it a shot. I'll let you guys know how it turned out.

One more question, how can I upload my cat's pictures to her page. I keep trying but the file size is too big how do I shrink it???
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Jack doesn't mind having his nails clipped.... I can do this alone

Cooper is a handfull.... I catch her (with a treat of course!) wrap a large towel around her whole body...head and tail sticking out.... I hold her and rub her head.... and feed her treats while Nick clips!

all very painless but soooo much drama!
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I am a big chicken, I take my cats to Petco and they do it for $6, afterwards I stroll them by the birds and mice and let them look at them, as a treat.
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Of my two boys, Jake will not let me near him to clip his claws. It's as if he sees me coming with the clippers and gets indignant about the whole thing. Elwood is not a problem, as long as I catch him while he's sleepy, but not matter how groggy Jake is, I feel it's a losing battle.

Any hints on how to make this easier?

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Really, I have no tips, I think it depends on the personality of the cat. I have a timid sweet cat, her nails were getting stuck in the carpet, and clicking on the linoleum, she was not very happy when I clipped her nails, she resisted and I kept at it, finally she turned her head and hid her face under my arm and let me finish. Now, my sassy spunky cat goes to Petco because I do not even try it because when she is mad at me, like being jealous of the other cat, or me not letting her out, she lunges at my bare feet or ankles and bites and scratches, I even have scars! Linda
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See the new post, nail clipping for reply, I goofed. Linda
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I find that the small human nail clippers work best for me. My dad tried to convince me to use "cat nail trimmers" but the dang thing was so much bigger than human nail clippers that Zoey totally freaked out when I got them near her nails.

If she could sit still for 1 minute I could get all the front ones clipped.. that's how fast I can do it. It just sucks when she is on to me by the 3rd nail.. and starts to attack my hand Then I have to get my boyfriend to come in and hold her down.. I hate doing that so I always give her a treat afterwards.

Then having those extra toes doesnt help much either!!
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