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I think I've got it!

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We did computer-based training, on our Windows system, yesterday. Today, we were listening to live calls and pulling up the files. On two of those calls, a couple of others and I found information that the call agents DIDN'T. Those agents have been on the job, since February and we haven't taken our first call.

WOOO-woooo! I think I've mastered the system!
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Way to go Cindy!

And you say you're computer illiterate!
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You go, girl! Way to go!
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I don't know what you're working on, but congratulations!

I do technical support for software and it's hard!

Keep up the good work!

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Nice job, Cindy! Woohoo!
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I'm training to be a customer service rep, for Chrysler Financial. Its an inbound call center and I'll be handling questions about customers' car loans and leasing contracts.

At last - being paid to sit down and talk on the phone!
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Yow! Well, customer service is difficult, but if you're a customer service person it's fun to do. I like it (just don't like the companies I've been working for). My job is a little more technical but we both have to keep the customer happy.


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Woo Hoo Cindy!! Well done!.
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Way to go Cindy!
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yea!!!!! way to go!!
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Cindy, I'm so glad you found a job that u like and are good at!!!
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We are tested, every Friday and flunking a test means being out of a job. Everyone was sweating this one. I got a 91, so I'm OK. (80% is passing). We lost one, due to this test.

Now that I know where I screwed up, I won't do that again. I think that we're going to take some calls, this week. My class notes will be right beside me.
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Cindy - sounds like you are doing great! You will be a fantastic asset to your new company!
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