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Okaaaaaay its time to say hello

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Hello all,

I am Steffi, from Germany (born in Berlin and now living in a small city at the coastline of the baltic sea). We have one cat since 4 weeks called Marjorie. I´d told in another Thread about her. She is a very talkative cat and so we named her after "Marge" from the Simpsons because her "hrrrrmm"-sound is the same as Marges.

Sorry foreward about my english, english grammar was´nt my favorite at school. But I am trying hard to get better now .

Ok, back to Marjie: 4 weeks ago we had a look at the animal home and the first cat I saw was her silhouette. She was sitting next to the window and did had a look outside. But the only view she got, was a dirty brickwall . There is so less light in the cat-rooms of our citys animal home... .

My idea was to have a Tom, but i couln´t resist her.... .
So one day later she was ours, or we was hers .
Actually she is the only cat in our home, but I think it needs not to long to work on my fiancés mind to get a second one.

Marjies eyes:
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And her lovely face...
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She is soooooo cute!

Don't worry about the English. If I were typing in German my German would probably be worse (as I haven't used it in nearly 15 years), but you'd probably say it was fine too. Practice is the only way to get better.

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your English is fine, and your cat is a doll-baby! Welcome to the board!
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Welcome to the board! Marjie is a cutie.
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Cute Kitty and Welcome to the Boards ENJOY!!!
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Welcome! Marjie is beautiful!
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Welcome, Steffi!

So happy you are here!

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Welcome to the site Steffi! Marjie is SO beautiful!!!! Don't worry about your English being bad. I'm always impressed by how good everyone's English is who knows it as a second language!
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Welcome Steffi & Marjorie !!
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It's really high time to write about! Hope I'll could came one day to Germany with my cats. But now we'll go to Poland only (7-8 June) to the Cats Show.
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Welcome, Marjie is adorable! I live close to you, I'm from Belgium. Well, I live in Belgium, I'm from Finland. Anyway, just wanted to welcome you!
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Welcome Steffi!! Im sure you will love it here... we already have some German folks, you'll see!

A few of us aren't native English speakers, so don't worry about it!

Your cat is adorable!!:pinky:
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