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Explosion at Yale University

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I hope this isn't terrorism, but only an accident.
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Oh, wow, I hope so, too. That's kind of scary . . .
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I'm watching live coverage of a press conference with the Mayor of New Haven on Fox News right now. The mayor said the explosion occurred in a classroom not in a mailroom.
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There was some type of explosive device in the classroom. No one was injured, and the police and fire department are checking the other buildings for other devices. The FBI will also be involved.
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Here's an update:

No Injuries in Yale Law School Explosion
By DIANE SCARPONI, Associated Press Writer

NEW HAVEN, Conn. - A bomb exploded in an empty classroom at the Yale University law school Wednesday, sending debris flying and students scrambling for safety. No injuries were reported.

Yale spokeswoman Karen Peart said the blast was caused by some sort of device, but damage was limited. She didn't know whether any classes were being held in the building at the time.

Members of the FBI (news - web sites)'s terrorism task force were sent to the scene, but there were no initial indications that an international terrorist organization set off the bomb, according to two U.S. officials who are familiar with intelligence information. They spoke on the condition of anonymity.

Smoke rose from downtown New Haven following the blast at about 5 p.m.
"I saw a huge fireball come out to the middle of the hallway," said law student Bob Hoo, who was in a hallway on the ground floor of the law school. "It was there and then it was gone."
Hoo said he did not see anything catch fire or anyone injured before he fled. The law school is usually quiet at this time of the year; Yale's undergraduate commencement is scheduled for next week.

Law student Alexandra Alperovich, who was sitting in the student lounge, said she saw a wall to the alumni lounge collapse after the blast, but wasn't sure whether anyone was inside.
"Everything started falling and I just ran out right away," she said.

The incident came a day after the government raised the alert level for possible terrorist attacks and several hours after President Bush (news - web sites) spoke at the Coast Guard Academy graduation ceremony in New London.

Yale is Bush's alma mater and one of his daughters, Barbara, is finishing her junior year at the university. Secret Service spokesman John Gill said the younger Bush "was not in danger at any time, and she was not in the vicinity" of the blast.

Gill declined for security reasons to say whether the president's daughter was on campus at the time, but a senior law enforcement official in Washington, speaking on condition of anonymity, said she was not.

A Yale professor, David Gelernter, was seriously injured in 1993 when a Unabomber mail bomb exploded in his campus office. His right hand, arm, ear, lungs and other internal organs were injured.

Theodore Kaczynski was sentenced in 1998 for that attack and others that killed three people and injured 23 from 1978 to 1995.

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I have to wonder if it might just be a student with a grudge taking advantage of the heightened state of alert? I hope it was anyway- and I hope they nail the person!
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My instinct says it wasn't terrorism but an act of violence by someone involved with the University in some way. It's sad that some people think that's the answer.

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I agree. My gut feeling is that it was not an act of terrorism. I think it was probably some moron who wanted attention especially since the terrorism level was raised just the other day. It really is sad that people do this for their enjoyment. What kind of enjoyment is it by hurting or killing people? It's just sick IMO.
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I'm so glad no-one was hurt. Why would someone make and carry a bomb into a University anyway?
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New Haven police have a sketch of a possible suspect, A student saw a man walking quickly away from the building, just a couple of minutes, before the blast. They have identified this person but, are not releasing the name.

It was mentioned, on TV, that Wednesday was Theodore Kaczinski's birthday and its been ten years, since the Unabomber attack at Yale.
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