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new here

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I am new also, I posted in the breeders forum.
I have not been owned by a cat for a long time now. My last cat lived to be 19. A young boy came to our door one day with a box with two kittens in it, one was very pretty black and white. The other well he was pale orange with white and just ugly(lol) I took the ugly one as the boy told me they were going to the pound and he was walking around looking for homes for them. My thought was someone would take the pretty one, but not Fred as we called him. He was Mr Macho from the start and stayed that way all his life, you could only pet him once in a while, but we enjoyed him, he loved to play with a paper bag and would steal socks and hide them.

I am now looking to get a kitten. Does anyone here have a American Bobtail? so far I like both the Bengal and the Bobtail.

Have a good day everyone.
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Welcome to the site! I'm no help when it comes to specific breeds. Both of mine are mutt-cats.

I'm sure you'll find lots of help around here, though. There's so much information and so many super nice people here.
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I'm glad you took the ugly one. I tend to do that too. That's why everyone was surprised when I got Toes (I'll be able to post my pictures tonight finally!) because he's sooooo beautiful. I actually think the ugly ones are prettier sometimes.


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Welcome, you can go to www.meowhoo.com It is the sister site to this one. Look under Breeders by Breed and you will hopefully find one in your area. Welcome on board!
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Just wanted to welcome you to the board! Hope you enjoy it here.
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Congrats on getting the "mutt" , I'm sure he'll turn out to be spunky .. WELCOME !!
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Hi and welcome!

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welcome here from newbie to newbie
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Welcome to the cat site!! Hope you enjoy this place as much as I do.
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Welcome welcome!! we love new members!
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Thank you all for the warm welcome. I am going to look at the Bengals tomorrow, now everything I have read about them say's they have a high energy level, and are always busy. I want a smart cat but I really do not know if I have the right kind of home for a very active cat, I am also going to look at some American Bobtail kittens. Which breed would be better with children, I have two Grandchildren. I have had dogs most of my life, and have heard the American Bobtail is a dog in a cat's body(lol).

Thanks again I will give a update after I meet the kittens.
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Well, you made really good choice, IMHO! Please inform us about your choice and the breed you like.
PS I can say the same about Don hairless - Musya evet brings me her toys to play with
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