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Please Help 'Westy'!

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If any of you are able, "Westy" could surely use your help just now. Please go to URL http://www.geocities.com/angrylioness/Westy.html and read about him. Thank you!

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Every time I think I've heard it all, another story comes along that makes my skin crawl. Westy is a brave soul - I will be watching for any updates on him.
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Poor thing. I don't ever understand how people can be so cruel to any animals.

If that incident happened closer to me, I'd be the first person in line to adopt it. I hope and pray Westy recovers quickly and finds a good, loving home with people that will protect him from people like this. PLEASE keep us updated!
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Thank you for reading about Westy. Now, I personally don't receive updates on Westy's situation. Your best bet is to occasionally check his web site, as I shall do also. I'm confident Westy will find a loving home!

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Just checked up on Westy - still sounds tenuous, at best.
Needs more prayers!
and lots of love.........
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Poor little baby! I hope those wicked people get what they deserve - if not in this life than after...
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I just received an email alert update about Westy tonight. They've arrested two guys. You can read the article at this link:


Denice, Mary and I are are going to put a page for Westy on nuzzled.net, so you can check there for updates. We don't have the page on there yet. I just wrote it up, but Mary does the html, so we have to wait until tomorrow before she gets my email with the story and adds it on there.

Max is on there, too, and some other animals.

Take care,
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I really appreciate the updates you all have provided us! I so hope Westy will survive. It seems he's taking longer than expected to improve, which worries me.

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Was just checking up on Westy - sounds like he is improving a little.
Still needs a lot of prayers, good care and justice for what has happened to him!
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i read through the web page, and the updates, and am so happy to see Westy is doing
so well, he seems to be recovering rapidly, he must have a strong Soul.


what dissapoints me is the hundreds of persons who want to adopt him, but, not all the other
homeless older adult cats also in need of homes, who are put down because of that, because of their age no one wants them

i know i will have many cats in my lifetime, and i am now more aware then ever
before of the amount of cats that dont get good homes because of their age,
and hence are put down the next time i decide to expand my family of cats,
rest assured they will be adopted older cats.

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I'm with you Blue
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