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I need a little help (pic)

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Okay so even if she isn't staying she needs a name. (although she has a vet appointment on next thursday for spaying, shots, blood and fecal testing -- wink, wink ) Dh has been calling her bye bye (as in I need to find her a home) and I have been calling her Laurie just to tease the kids because that is my Mom's name. When I made her vet appointment they asked me her name so I think she deserves a real name now. Soloman and our guinea pig Buddy both came with their names so I was saved there. I have a hard time with naming animals. Can you guys give me a little help?

BTW here is a picture of her chowing down. She can't get enough to eat!!

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How about Jezibel, as she is leading you into tempation!
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Well, Darra (means "a present) is a good name, I think
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What about Delilah. I was going to try and get a siamese female a while back and wanted to name her Delilah, but I got my little Gray kitten instead, his name is Griffin.
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These are the names that come to mind- Calypso-May-Ariel-Avalon-Brandy-Autumn-Champagne-
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Avoska, Musya, Dalilah, Donna, Picolla, Krasa, Sanny...
went to think a bit more...
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How about something like Svengala (she's hypnotizing you like Svengali did)? Or Harp for looking like a harp seal.

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i can't think of any but she sure is pretty!! Hope ya get to keep her! Two cats are better then one
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Celia, Ginny, Teresa, Taco

She's gorgeous chompin' .. - Sam
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Thank you all for your suggestions. I'm going to sleep on them.
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What about Shilo, Sasha,Maya & Willow?
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I like Willow and Champagne out of the choices you were just given. They both seem to look like her!

She is very pretty by the way!:rainbow:
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How about Sheba? Solomon was in love with the queen of Shaeba, after all...
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Since you've fallen for her siren song, how about "Lorelei"? Also, she's a champagne blond and Lorelei Lee was Marilyn Monroe's character in "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes".
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Or you could call her Siren- Siamese are very vocal.
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Also what about Chloe or Zoe? I've always thought those names were cute!
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Shell, my scooter's name is Chloe.
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As she is a siamese how about Lotus Blossom or just Blossom? Our how about Anna from the "King and I"?
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