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Litter box bandit!

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My 4 month old kitten Hobo has a habit of clawing the sides of the litter box. She does it right after she's done her thing, and the thing that concerns me is that she does it no matter were she is or what litter box she's using ((there are 5 in the house)).

Any ideas?

~ Salem
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Max does this too and he's three years old. I'm not sure why he claws at the inside of the litter box, but it doesn't seem to do any harm.
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here's a thread about this very topic that is under dicussion right now-

Wiping Paws
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Hi Salem!

Yes, i totally agree with Mary Anne.

i have two furbabies, and they both bury their private businesses. With Venus, it is more rigorous in motion... teehee!

Observing all kitties i encountered, i found that they all bury their private businesses.

i encourage my kitties to "wipe" their paws by providing mats. Whenever i empty the litter boxes, i will shake off the mats to find some litter that were trapped as they exit the litter boxes.

i just vacuum them off with a hand vacuum cleaner.

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The thing is, though, is that if it were just wiping the sides I could understand it. But she uses her claws too. It's gotten me to the point where I pull all of the litter boxes away from the walls and put cardboard snug around them. It almost seems to me that she feels she must sharpen her claws every time she goes to the washroom.
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Max's litter box is covered - so he just scratches the cover of his litter box.
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