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Mac or PC?

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I just wanted to find out whether you prefer Mac or PC and why. I use PC's but hate how Microsoft is such a monopoly.
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We had our PC made to order for us. I use PCs because that is what I am used to - I don't have the brain power to learn a new computer system.
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I am like Adrienne. I used certain programs on a Mac when I was teaching, and on one occasion, an IBM, but I didn't really know what I was doing! I have a PC because a relative bought a new one, and the computer I had previously was used to print out the carvings and drawings by Neanderthal man on the cave walls! Well---that might be a slight exaggeration!! It was a Commodore 64, which is ANCIENT! It had a good word processor, and you could learn to write your own programs in Basic. I had to learn all over again to use windows.
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I use a PC, but I don't use MS Windows on it. Well, not for the most part. My friend, who is much better with computers than I am, loaded Linux for me years ago, and I've become quite attached to this OS. The only bad thing about it is that I can't fix anything when it breaks, or configure anything, nor compile programs, etc. Thankfully, he can ssh/telnet into my machine and fix almost anything I break. It's not that the OS is hard to work either, I just don't seem to want to put the effort into it, besides just using it. I love it because it rarely crashes.
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I have a Hewlett Packard Pavilion , It's great but can be a dork at time
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I'm one of those power PC users. Hubby and I built our own, we actually have 3 PCs in the computer room. He has a Windows and a Linux box, I just have Windows. I, too, hate Microsoft, but unfortunately in today's business world you just don't have a choice but to use their products.
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hubby builds computers from scratch so I am a PC user.
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I am a PC user, and I also don't like Microsoft. We have two computers in our home, and both were built from scratch by my son, who is quite talented when it comes to working with computers.
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I'm a total computer dummy and need something that's easy to use. Therefor, I have an HP Pavilion, with Windows XP and have never had a bit of trouble. After buying a couple of books and playing around, with it, I'm getting much better at doing what I want to do.
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As an educator, we use Mac at school. So when it came time to buy a computer for home, I chose a Mac, so I could easily transfer stuff from school to home. When I started working on my Masters, I found I needed to have Office, so I got that for Mac. Nowadays, I have a PC on my desk at work, but I still truly prefer Mac OS. I have an iMac and an i Book at home.

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deb just a question? Do the Macs load faster than PC's do? I always wondered-
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From start-up? I find it to be about the same.
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We had Mac's while I was in High School and I thought they were very easy to manuver. Then when I went to College, they had PC's and now I've forgotten everything about Mac's. From what I remember, the Mac's we used were pretty speedy.
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we have both. Hubby built our pc's out of scratch. We each have both. He bought one of those Power Macs, and I got the Imac. I just have to stil get used to the way the mac runs, like the shortcut keys. Other than that, it's pretty much the same,
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We use PC and in Germany ists really more common to have a PC than a MAC. My first computer was an Amiga 500.
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