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Buffy fans!

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Did you watch last night? I was upset about who died! I did like how it was left open for a spin-off. So, what did everyone think?
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It was soooooo sad

I got teary eyed when Buffy said only a champion could wear the amulet and then gave it to Spike, and then to have him sacrifice himself Too much

I wasn't too broken up about Anya dying, I never liked her character all that much anyways. Thought Xander could've been a little more upset about it though .

Oooh...my FAVORITE part was when Willow was doing the spell to bring out all the Slayers and she started glowing- what a cool thing to put in the last episode, that she was so magically powerful because she was a goddess all along.

Loved the show , and will miss it
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If you didn't see the show yet and don't want to know anything, stop reading my post here.

Overall, I thought the show was good. I was teary at the end... I wish it wasn't over.

My thoughts:

I liked that Angel made an appearance to bring the amulet, and that Buffy gave it to Spike. I was a bit upset with Buffy for kissing Angel, I mean, I understand she will always love him, etc, but I felt so bad for Spike seeing it.

I knew one of the Scoobys was going to die... Jamie (Luv Those Paws) reads some board where she gets some additional info, and so, well I knew one of them was going, and I figured it was Anya. She was the least important out of the close-knit gang, and she wasn't an original Scooby, so it made sense. And I guess it doesn't really matter since the show won't be on next season... but I liked her character. She amused me very much at times, being kind of new at the human thing again. And my gosh, HOW they killed her... I wasn't quite prepared for that. Oi!

What bugged me was that, okay, Buffy knows she's going to get Willow to make it so that all the potentials would get slayer powers through that scythe thing.... now, if she knew that, why didn't she put a potential or two with Anya and Andrew? And one or two with Giles/Wood, Xandar/Dawn? I mean, come on... you have these stronger-than-life humans, and you don't deploy any out to help the plain old mortals?

I loved the Willow part. She's my favorite character... and I love when she's all-powerful with magic. I just find it so neat. And I liked how it ended with Buffy being able to have a more closely to normal life. With all the potentials now having slayer power, it's not just up to her to continually save the world. That part made me happy.

Caution: Possible spoiler below.

Oh... Melissa, do you watch Angel by any chance? There's speculation that someone from the Buffy cast is going to end up as a regular on Angel next season. The amulet that Spike was wearing came from Wolfram & Hart... so... well, I'm keeping all hope that it's a special amulet. Considering that Angel got it from Lilah, who came back from Hell to offer the company to him. And that she gave the amulet to Angel... who brought it to Buffy... and Spike ended up with it... maybe he's not gone forever. I'm keeping hope he comes back. He wouldn't be the first vampire that Wolfram & Hart brought back from the dead. (This bit of hope is the only reason I'm not devastated by Spike's death. If I find out during Angel next season that Spike really isn't coming back... well, I foresee tears. )
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I don't watch Angel- maybe I'll take it up now that Buffys over. I can't stand the thought of Spike being gone forever, I'm holding out hope right along with you...
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Definitely watch Angel, Melissa. If you like Buffy, there's a good chance you'll like Angel as well. And Angel can actually act on his own show... he seems like a newbie-actor to me on Buffy... it's very strange.
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What night does it come on? I'm going to be working a lot less once the kids are out of school so I'll be home to watch a little more TV. The season is probably over though? I can catch the reruns- get the gist of whats going on.
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I thought that the Buffy finale was very good. It left me with more questions that answers however.

Mostly, my thoughts echo Jenn's so I am not going to type it all back out .

Here are some of the questions I was left with:

What is up with the uber-vamps, they seemed so weak, newly risen slayers were taking them out left and right, but BUffy who is the oldest slayer got her butt kicked the first time she ran into one?

What was the point of Caleb? He died and served no real purpose.

Why can't Angel act when he is on Buffy?

What was the deal with Joyce telling Dawn that Buffy won't choose her? That wasn't addressed and it kind of annoys me.

How can Spike be dead??

I think that is it for now.

As for Angel (the show, not the character), it is on Wednesday nights at 9pm on the WB. It is a great show, darker than Buffy, and a bit more grown up. James Marsters is listed on the Official WB website as a member of the Angel cast for next season, so I am betting we are going to be seeing him again. Not sure how, or in what form, but it looks like he comes back, and is a regular. I can see Joss Whedon messing with us and saying he would be on ANgel, but I can't see The WB putting it on their website unless it is true, only time will tell.

Also, if you can rent the first season of Angel, it was really good and although a lot has changed since season 1 it really has only gotten better over time .
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Melissa - if you do catch the reruns for Angel and have any questions, Jamie and I can fill you in pretty well. Season 1 was good, and it has gotten even better. The only problem is that some of the characters from that season are no longer with us, etc. It just may be a little confusing jumping right into the 4th (?) season. I'm good with general overviews... and Jamie could tell you details down to what shoes each character was wearing in each episode.
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