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Kitten going in for neuter today! I'm nervous!

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My kitten, the one I adopted in March, has to go in to be neutered today at the humane society I adopted him from, I have to drop him off this afternoon and pick him up tomorrow afternoon. He had been sick for soo long with an URI and we had to put it off a couple of times and now, today is the day, and I'm feeling so nervous about it, I dont know why, I have had other cats neutered before but never had to leave them overnight. I just got really attached to this little guy when we were trying to get him better and I guess Im just a little worried he may get sick again, but Im sure he will be ok. Everyone there at the humane society are just really nice so Im sure they will take good care of him. I'm just really going to miss him being here tonite. I'll be really glad to get this over with and I know he will be better off being neutered earlier in his life rather than later on, he is 5 months so I guess thats about the right age.
It will be a long day tomorrow waiting till time to pick him up. I'll just have to keep myself busy.
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We've all been there. When you drop him of, ask if you can call to see if he's ok. That helped me alot. I'm sure everything will be fine, both of my cats went overnight, and were back to normal pretty fast.
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sending good vibes from NY
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Why do they want to keep him overnight? Are they doing him late in the day? Normally they come home the same day. I would send one of your teeshirts that has your sweat all over it with him, and ask them to put it in the cage with him, it will help him to know you are nearby- even if you aren't.
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Actually Hissy, there are quite a few vets here in the NorthEast that keep cats overnight now. I know all of my friends who have cats, and my own as well, had to spend the night, both for a spay and a neuter.
I don't think its that unusual, at least not here in my neck of the woods.
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I'm sure your little guy will be fine and home in no time..

In the meantime here a couple of hugs from my kittys to hold you over ((()))) (((( ))))
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I went and got him a new carrier, he outgrew the first one, and got his food ready to send with him in case they feed him later tomorrow, I know they probably wont let him eat after a certain time today, and was going to put his favorite thing to sleep on in there with him too.
Thanks for your well wishes!
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Good luck little guy!
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awww good luck!! I always cry when i drop them off but they are always fine!
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Thanks Daniela.

Mine always come home the same day, but then mine are ferals so I doubt the vet or the techs want to really deal with them. Plus it stresses them out to be confined in a small area.
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The only thing I can figure is they are going to do it early on Thurs. morning. I guess too they dont want them to have anything to eat the night before too. All my others I dropped off and got them back that afternoon. Im going to ask about it though, I would gladly get up and bring him in early on Thursday.
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I know exactly what you are going through..He will be just fine and back to normal before you know it...The male seem to jump back to normal quicker than the females, but that is just in my case though...Good Luck and let us know how he does!
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Malynn, My vet always keeps them overnight, too. I feel confident that he will be fine. Your biggest problem will be trying to keep him relatively quiet when he comes home. It's a relatively simple surgery, compared to spaying. He'll be fine. I'm more worried about his mother!!
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My vet kept Max overnight too. In case of any complications. I'm sure your little guy will be just fine. Max was very frightened when I picked him up, but once he got home, he was his old self again. I think he might have been frightened that I would not come back and get him, because when he saw me he practically jumped out of the carrier into my arms.
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Wish your kitty all the best, hope he'll be fine!
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I definitely like the idea of putting a shirt in there with your scent on it, and perhaps on of his favorite toys too. He'll be fine. You'll have him back before you know it!
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Good Luck Kitten
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LOL hissy! When they spay your ferals, they are probably relieved when they go home!!! I can't imagine dealing w/ the ferals like you do, I get nervous taking my own 'domestic' ones in because they become like little devils at the vets!
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Good luck, little one! I'm sure your baby will be fine!
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I just returned from taking him in to the humane society and it was hard to leave him but I'm sure he will be ok. They had to put a little temp. collar thing on him with his name and stuff and he kind of freaked and didnt want to come out of his carrier and looked really scared but I think he will be ok when he settles in. They said the reason they like to keep them the night before is they want to make sure they dont eat anything before the anesthesia and they start at 7 am. I have to call at 3 and see if the anesthesia has worn off and then I can pick him up then hopefully. I will just worry all night, but thats just the way I am, cant help it.
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Griffin is home! He is doing really good, he wont let me put him down, he keeps climbing up on my shoulder and wanting to be held. He is purring more than I have ever seen! He is very hungry, he hasnt had anything since yesterday at 3:30 pm and they told me not to give him anything but water till in the morning. He is doing very well though. When I called about him at 3 this afternoon they said they were gonna have to keep him till tomorrow,the girl at the desk told me that he was awake but his eyes were rolled back still, that statement made me really nervous but I went down there at 5 pm and he was ready to go. Im so thankful he's ok. Thanks to everyone for putting up with me through this!
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I am glad he is home and loving on you.
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malynn, Of course you were worried. I'm glad you came here! I'm glad he's giving you lots of love. Tomorrow, when you feed him you'll be a real hero!
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