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kitten feeding problem

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i have had my kitten for 4 weeks now. and i have been feeding her jut as the breeder advised. raoyal canin kitten food out all day nad canned food twice daily. however in the last week she has been coming to me grying for food, even though the dry food is right there. AND when i feed my dog her iams dry food, the kitten starts eating it. i am thinking that she has all of a sudden decided she doesnt like the food she has been eating since she was weaned... but isnt that odd??? and should i just start trying other foods??? she is a ragdoll, and the breeder made it sound as though she would not do well if i switched foods around... i'm not sure what to do. by the way she is 14 weeks old... thank you for any advice...angel b
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I have been feeding my kittens the very same food and they dont really like it. Also the same way. Canned twice a day and dry out all day. I am going to switch to something else. I think if you mix it with the new food at first it should be ok. I think Iams and Science Diet are supposed to be good for cats.If your dog eats Iams maybe give that to your cat only in the Iams cat food. But someone else here might have better suggestions.

I dont give in though and they eventually will take a little of the dry but not enough to suit me. So I am switching. They are roughly the same age as yours.
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Well, first off there really is no set food for a certain breed. It sounds like the breeder is a fan of the Royal food. If you want to switch you can. You just need to mix it in gradually so her tummy and digestive tract dont get upset. They can sometimes be picky or "spoiled". It may not be that she does not like the dry food, but would rather have the wet. Of course the wet tastes better to them, it has a ton of fat in it. You can try giving her the Iams food instead. Just keep her away from the dog food. If she eats it and gets full, she will not eat hers. She may become defeciant on quite a few things.
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elinor- i am going to try the iams. just a note for you: my breeder did say absolutely no science diet dry food- she says it has caused intestinal bleeding in some of her kittens..... i always thought it was good too. let me know how you do... angel
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My Loki is the most finiky eater alive - he will eat nothing but Nutro. I have found it also to be of premium quality the most tasty one out there, even better than IAMS. Good luck to you.
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