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Taking my daughter to the doctor

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She woke up this morning with her eye swollen shut, matted with gunk and buggies....I put some vaseline and used a warm wash rag to get some of it off, but it is still really swollen....I am hoping to get her in this morning, but I am not sure if I can or not...I am hoping all it is is allergies, and she just needs clariton or something to take care of it..please don't let it be pink eye! send positive vibes our way please!!!
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awwwww hope she feels better soon!! Do you think it might be pink eye?
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Hope everything is ok!! Sending her get well soon vibes!!!
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Hope she's okay. Let us know what the doctor says. Sending 'get well soon' thoughts!
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Sounds like conjunctivitis to me. Just had a round of it go thru my daycare. Good thing is its easy to clear up!! Hope its better soon!
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Awww sorry to hear that!

Alas, Kathy, it probably is pinkeye. The only other thing I can think of that it could be is some sort of allergy. I used to get pinkeye a LOT as a kid! It's not fun.

Keep us posted! I am sending feel-better vibes!
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Thanks for the get well vibes everyone!! Her appointment is at 10:20 central time so I will let yall know when we return to from the docs office...I am going to get her in a warm bath...see yall later
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Hope she feels better soon!:daisy:
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Poor kid! I hope that it is something easily treated. Currently I have a sty and it is painful, I can only imagine her pain as heers sounds very "ouchie". Sending healthy vibes your way!
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It is pink eye
The doctor prescribed her some drops called ciloxan and they must be pretty good because I only have to put 2 drops in her eye for 3 days..sooo....she acts like she feels fine but her eye yall,,it is so pitiful is so swollen..I have been keeping vaseline on it, and will for sure tonight so it doesn't get matted shut like it did this morning...anyway, just wanted to let yall know.
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make sure you tell her to wash her hands ALOT and not touch anyone i think pink eye is very very speardable! Good luck and hope she feels better soon!
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Aww, sure hope she feels better soon. I think that is contagious too from what I hear, hope your other children dont get it. Luckily mine made it through the younger years at school without getting it, but I remember having it really bad when I was young. Hope she feels better!
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Yea, it is super contagious!! You could tell the doctor was trying real hard not to touch her very much...I had it all the time as a kid, but I am sure I will be the next one to get it....
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I am wondering if our cats can get this from her since it is so contagious...what do yall think? she plays with both of them alot too..
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Well, I hope she will be better soon!
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Wow, I have never heard of Pink Eye in NZ, But Conjunctivitus, sounds the same , there is a feline & human one, I'm not sure they are catchable to other species I'm no help ..LOL

Kisses & {{{HUGS}}} To the sick one, and sending GET BETTER [[[vIbEs]]]

Love Sam
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Nasty. I've never had it but, a guy at work does and nobody wants to get too close to him.
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Kathy, She will be very contagious for 24 hours once the medicine has been delivered. Make sure you wash your hands good after instilling the drops and have her wash her hands often. Pink eye can be rather itchy, so she'll probably want to itch it a lot. If you see her itch her eye, immediately have her wash her hands. If not, she can transfer it to her other eye or to other people she is around.

I would keep a close eye (sorry for the pun!) on the rest of the family. Usually when one person gets it, almost everyone gets it. You should have plenty of drops left after she is finished. Keep them in a cool dark place and they should keep for at least a year. If another person in your household starts the same symptoms you could use those drops on them, but it is best to check with the doctor first. OH...those drops tend to burn a bit when you put them. So, she may panic a bit since it hurts Also, wait a good 30 seconds before putting in another drop if you have to put 2 drops at one time.

Hope this might help you a bit! Hope she's feeling better soon and also hope that no one else gets pink eye in your house!
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Sam, yep Conjuctivitis and Pink Eye are the same thing.

Sending healing thoughts your daughter's way, Kathy.
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Kathy, how's the little one? Feeling better I hope!
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