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Tillie Lilly

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Our new little girl is slowly adjusting to all the changes in her life. She went from being completely alone in a silent house to a new house with new humans and 12 other cats (who love to make noise, especially when the humans are trying to sleep)! It's been an adjustment for her, but she is coming along.

At first, she hid under a dresser for a day, then she spent most of the next day in her cat carrier (as if it were her den). Then she took some treats we gently tossed to her, since she hissed every time we reached to pet her.

Yesterday, there were very tentative pets allowed, interspersed with hissing. Every once in a while she'd let down her guard and give a headbump or a quick lick. But she was very much on alert, still. A lot of hissing, and whew! does she have bad breath! Interestingly enough, even though she is an orange cat, she has black lips!

This morning, she greeted me with a plaintive meow. I reached over and she snuggled into my hand and let me scritch behind her ears. We had about 2 minutes of petting and scritching until she remembered that she was supposed to be scared and hissed at me. I withdrew and sat back, talking softly to her and doing the slow kitty-eye-blink thing

She came back over and gave me the happy kitty rub on my ankle. Without thinking, I reached down and picked her up. She hissed when I put her on my lap, and then settled in like she belonged there. She stayed about a minute, I would guess, then jumped off and darted across the room. When I didn't grab for her, she trotted back over for more scritches behind the ears and under the chin

She is eating, drinking and using the box, as well as sitting on the windowsill watching the squirrels and birds in the yard. She still flinches whenever there is a sudden movement or noise. But I think everything is going to be just fine, it's just a matter of time!
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awwwww sounds like she is coming along really well!! I'm glad to know i'm not the only one that does the slow eye blinking thing
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She's coming along sooooo well! What a good girl. I smiled when she wants scritches and does head-bumps and snuggles and then remembers to be on her guard again. She'll be one of the gang in no time.
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LOL nope I do it to, so does BF.

Val, when she first came home, she made that laughing sound you described, it has to be that because it was sooo weird! Poor thing was all alone in the house since February, except for daily visits to be fed and have litter scooped. This is a BIG change for her, it's like Grand Central Cat Station here!
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Black lips are quite common on orange kitties. You must remember Sue this little one has probably been through the wringer already, and has been declawed as well. She may have some major stress issues once she gets used to everything, then again she may not.
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Yes, MA, she is still very clearly stressed. She will tolerate, even seek out a quick pet or scritch, and then turn and hiss and swat with a paw. When she does that, I back away slowly, blinking my eyes slow, and talking to her in a soft voice.

She doesn't try to bite, which I am taking as a positive sign, especially since she's declawed. She did attack a roll of paper towels last night that slid off a table and startled her; all I can say is I am glad that wasn't my hand, she chomped into it real good!

She's been through a lot, and I won't be surprised if she is slow to trust and relax.
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Granet and Marble make the laughing noise. Little marble is the love of my life, i'm so happy we are keepig him! He is a cuddle bunny already and has a LOUND purr motor!! Little granet is still warming up to us.
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She just jumped onto my lap, looked up into my face and meowed at me!!!

Then, she jumped down and started on breakfast
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