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On the hunt...

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On the hunt for the evil thing under the blanket...

What are you looking at?

What's that?

Hey! Come back here!



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Sooo cute!!!!
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Roo, the fearless hunter, strikes again!
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awwwww what a cutie!!! Orange tabbies are the best
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Aw, those are cute. You should put some of them in Caption Forum!
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Too cute!
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Soooooo cute! :

Thanks for sharing, Tamme!

Smiles and Cheers!
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Your cat is so lovely! Sweety!
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He is just sure there is something there!! Thanks for sharing.
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He paid me to say this, BUT He is some HOT red stuff Ouuch ..
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hehe thanks guys! Roo and I always play that game since he was a baby. I put my hand under the covers and swish it back and forth so it makes lots of noise, Roo comes running in the bedroom, jumps up on the bed and starts attacking the blanket trying to get whatever is making that noise

Darrell took the shots.
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Tamme, I always love your Roo pics!!!! We played "blanket wars" with the kids when they were first inside... but then they had this nasty way of trying to start the game while we were asleep. EYES POP OPEN and I'm-not-asleep-anymore-as-feet-come-swiping-under-the -blanket-attacking-my-legs-and-feet LOL!!!

Now we just play that game when we're making the bed. It isn't "blanket wars" anymore, now it's the make-the-bed game.

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Now I'm even more madly in love with Roo! He's such a sweetie!
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