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What's he thinking?

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What do you think is running through his mind???

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"Now I got her exactly where I want here! I can MESS HER HAIR!!!!"
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If my cats are anything to go by, when this happens I'm sure they think Oh no, not AGAIN!!!!

Your kitty looks similar in proportion to my big black Ferdy.

If I was to tip him upside down, I think he would take my eyes out!!!!!
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Hey I am not tickle at all. But that's ok!

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"Oh god, I hope the other cats aren't seeing this. I will never live down the shame."
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"Save me Please someone!!"
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awwwwww so cute!!!
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That pic is a definite 'caption this' contender! Very Cute!
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You should submit that to Caption This, just email the pic to Anne at anne@thecatsite.com
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He's thinking what we're thinki g when we get zubbered>.....things not suitable for typing..
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Roo Is such a cutie
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I love blowing on his tummy - he's my baby after all.
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That is sooo funny!! He looks like he is saying "can you believe this lady????"
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I do the same to both my kitties. Toes seems to like it. Tailer seems to just put up with it.

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"Do you see what I have to endure???"
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"I've got her JUST where I want her" LOL!!!

Tamme, you cheat! Send these pics in to Caption This!!!!!!!
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