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Happy Birthday Blue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Happy Birthday Blue!!!!

Our little Blue is 21 today!!!!!!!


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Happy Birthday Blue!! Hope you enjoy your day!

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:pinky: Happy Birthday Angel! :pinky:
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Enjoy your day!
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Happy birthday Katie!
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Hey you~

Are you back yet? How was the festivities? I sure
do hope you are feeling well and not icky

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you
happy birthday dear Kate, happy birthday to you
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Where is the lady of honor? I even got up early this morning to start this thread before work!
Hope you are having a fantastic day!!!!!!!

Fireshoes....I just realized you are from Iowa too!! I mustve had my head in a hole or something. I never noticed that before. Knoxville is where they have the races, right? I think I was there once.
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I'm pretty sure Blue is at her brother & sisters? or something like that. she said she would be offline until tuesday.
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Oh okay.... well she will at least know we were thinking of her!!! Thanks for letting us know, Colby!!
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Yes, Debby, Knoxville is where the races are. Des Moines is about 30 minutes NW of here to give ya an idea where it's at. Where are you at?

Oh yeah, and since this a birthday thread, happy birthday again Blue!
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Fireshoes....I am about an hour south of Desmoines!! So we only live about a half an hour apart!!!! How cool!!!!!!!

I go to Des Moines shopping with my friends a couple times a month, and we go to Southridge or ValleyWest.
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Happy birthday to Blue!
Happy birthday, yoo hoo!
Happy birthday, dear Katie!
Happy birthday to Blue!

One blob for each year!

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:flash: Happy Birthday! :flash:
:afrorainb :afrorainb :afrorainb :afrorainb
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Your completely legal now Kate! The next one is for your insurance drop at 25 and then 30. But, in less than 2 weeks I'll be 35 and am totally freaked about it for some silly reason! Oh, to be 21 again!

Well, it seems like it's time for a party!

:icecream: :icecream: :martian: :martian: :martian: :afrorainb :afrorainb
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Chuck....what is the exact date of your birthday? We don't want to miss it!!!!

And Joe....I LOVE the purple jumping cat!!!! Too cool!
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He's the Cheshire Cat and he's all yours! Take him home with you.

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Hey Meowman, I just turned 25 and no insurance drop for me. I wonder what's up with that. I should check it out.

Rumor has it that the 30's are supposed to be terrific! :confused3 hmmm.. how's it so far? :laughing2

Blue the drinking age in Canada is 18.. right?

Come back we miss you...
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I think I'm a day late, but...


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I wasn't really here on time - but better late than never

Here's a smilies party for the smilies girl!!!

:pinky: :afrorainb :girlie: :blubturq: :LOL: :clown: :angel2:

Hope you had the best birthday!

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thank you so much, you guys.

it made me so happy, especially after the week, the month(s) i've had.

you are all my amazing angels, you have improved the quality of my life by more then you know.
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Blue!!! Glad you made it back! I know how you feel, you and everyone else here have improved my life enourmously! I don't know what I would do without my friends here to talk to, about cats or anything else I need to talk about. You guys are great. If my computer if breaks down, I will be lost!!!

I hope you had a WONDERFUL birthday....we you!!!
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Happy belated 21st birthday Blue!

So, didya party?
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thanks but, dont ask

it wasnt at all fun, or, a happy day for me. i dont want to get into it,
i'd rather forget about it, and hope my next birthday isnt as bad.
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swalker sweeeeeetie

the drinking age is 19, same for smoking

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Blue....why was it not happy? I am SO sorry to hear it wasn't....what happened? Can you tell us? If it is too painfull to tell, then please don't try....but just know we all love you here, and we were all hoping you had a great birthday....I wish I could be there with you right now to give you a huge deserve the best! (not that I am the best...) I just love you so much and am so sorry your birthday wasn't good.....I wish you had a phone so I could call you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I'm sorry, too, to learn you hadn't a happy birthday. Well, I do fondly hope you'll be happier soon.


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