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Mischief: One Confused Kitty

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Since Isis has arrived my roommate has been leaving his door open at all times of the day, except when he goes to bed. This has allowed Mischief to claim a new spot sitting on his window sill looking outside which has perfect view of the porch, and also our sliding glass doors.

But Mischief has encountered a small problem it seems. Niko likes laying by the siding glass doors and whenever Mischief sees Niko it seems that Mischief doesn't recoginize Niko and begins crying over and over and over again. This different view, being able to look into the apartment from inside the apartment, seems to really perplex Mischief. If I stand at the siding glass window Mischief gets really wide eyes as if I am in a unique area. She gets this way too if I am standing outside and looking at her from that vantage.

Any ideas of what is causing this? Or why Mischief just can't understand? Niko and Isis don't seem to have any problems with this, but I swear Mischief's meows were a little scratchier sounding this morning from all the meowing she did the day before.
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My bet is that this is because cats are so scent driven. Because Mischeif can't smell the other cat through the door, she thinks it is a stranger. With time, Mischief will become more familiar with how everyone looks and this will no longer be a novelty to her.
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