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heard of cat meowing to self?

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do you know any cats who will meow to themselves? I caught our cat running around in the lawn chasing bugs and she would meow to herself... kind of funny an very cute... but seems odd.

Last fall, we tried to take her out on a walk with a leash one time - she seemed to have enjoyed the walk but was stressed by the car ride. On our way back - she was panting like a dog for quite a few minutes. I was really worried but she was soon ok after we got home. Just wondering if cat will pant due to too much heat or too much stress?
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My Mischief is a constant 'talker'. She is vocal about everything to everyone. She meows when she hears her name to meowing when she sees something move in the corner of her eye.

But I read somewhere once that cats generally reserve meows to humans alone. I actually read that in an Puriana One care package book. hehe. I don't know if Mischief ever actually cries to either of the other cats.

As for panting I think it is a little bit of both. Mischief pants when she runs out of breathe, needs water, or is feeling stress. But she also has to have no ways of escaping to start panting. Like if she gets really stressed in the apartment she runs underneath the bed and that's that. But if she gets stressed in the pet carrier, she begins panting.
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I am taking care of two cats for the summer and they both meow like crazy. I've had cats before, but not talkers like these ones. They wander around the apartment meowing to themselves, and I can even here one of them meowing upstairs sometimes when she's all by herself. I assume this is normal, although these cats have proven in other ways to be more than a little weird ...
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i think some kitties are more vocal than others.

Siamese, Orientals, and Abyss are some kitties i encountered that are all pretty vocal.

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My bengal is extremely talkative. Most extreme is at breakfast and dinner, and while going to the bathroom. But when he's feeling fiesty, bored, happy, whatever. He just likes to let the world know how he's feeling.
As for panting I've seen both of my cats doing this. Sometimes because it's hot or sometimes because they have themselves all worked up.
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btw I think that weird is a great quality in a cat. He even has little muttering meows. Like he's complaining under his breath that I wont give him my food.
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My cat is very talkative also. She always makes a noise (its often not a meow, it sounds more like "hrrrm") if she moves from one room to another, if she is lie down if she stands up, if she wants something (food, open the balkony door...), if wants you come to her, or if she just want to hear if you still there.
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My little baby is extremely talkative in general. She has so many different sounds that it's very amusing - she sighs when I am holding her for too long, she says "mummm..." when she don't want to be picked up. She mouths a meow silently when she is happy and content with a belly rub. And she greets us with a "eeya" when she hasn't seen us for a while

But I thought they only talk to people or other cats. The funny thing is the talking to self bit. Like human singing in the car when in good mood
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My cats talk to each other and meow in different pitches to make one come to the other. I have once cat that will meow in this little squeak walking all over the yard looking for me. (what im about to say may sound psycho or false but it's not try this some can do it some cant) The neatest thing is I've been with them so much I've learnt to mock their meow. I mocked the meow of their mother's and now when it's food time I do that and they come running it's much simpler than yelling kittie-kittie. I also noticed a diferent pitch of meow will get some cats to come. If I mock the meow of a cat I hear meowing, it will mock me and we carry on a 'cat' conversation. This is how I found a trapped kitten. One of my old mothers meowed and I kept mocking it. She kept meowing and eventually walked to me wanting me to follow her. I found a kitten she had somehow let crawl through lattice under the deck and couldnt get it out. The best thing is that they seem to tame easier meowing them when I talk to them..Grandma says maybe they think I'm a cat..who knows..either way I'm just a very crazy cat lover
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