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Its been a while since I posted but you wouldn't believe the day we have had. I got home and my cat Jaspurr was bleeding. I picked him up and he screamed. I paniced and took him to nearest animal hospital. I was then informed that he had been shot with a BB gun. They did surgery, Jaspurr is fine, they said there was some bone fracture and I have to really watch him for next two days. A drain was put in and he has about a cut 5 or 6 inches long (stitches)on his left side from just behind his front legs to just above his back thigh. How awful. I can't believe people. My poor kitty. When they gave me the sedatives for him I said ok this is great for me but what have you got for him. I was a basket case for a couple different reasons. One I can't believe someone could be so mean, and Two the bill. Once I found out he was ok I cried about the bill all the way home. Here I haven't had this cat fixed cuz I can't afford it and now I have to pay 3 times as much cuz some idiot shot him and he's still not fixed. All that aside. He's still sedated and a little unhappy to be caged but its for his own safety. I guess he has to be caged until the drain is removed in two days then in 14 days the stitches have to be removed. Poor Jaspurr. I have to go I'm exhausted Just wanted to vent a little. Thanks.
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OMG Poor Jaspurr!!!! Sending get better and heal quickly vibes to him, and calming thoughts to you. Things will work out financially somehow......
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Awww.. poor Jasper. I hope he's feeling better soon. And I know the bill can't be fun, but at least you got him in to the vet and taken care of.
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That's just awful. I can't believe anyone would harm an animal like that!!

Sending healing thoughts for Jaspurr.
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oooooooo, little Jaspurrr, we're all wishing you the best. I'm sure you'll be back up and playing in no time!!!
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Jaspurr is doing much better today. His appetite is back. He's going in on Friday to have he drain removed and make sure everything is ok. He's getting pain meds every eight hours and an antibiotic. I'm ok with the bill it was the only thing I could do and what was best for him. Last night I think I was just stressed out and tired. He's not to happy being caged but the medication keeps him pretty drowsy. Thanks for the well wishes. He was one of the strays I took in back in October and was next on the list to be neutered but was waiting til I could afford it. All that and he's still not fixed or gotten his shots. He goes back in 14 days to have the stitches removed and I will probably have him vaccinated and fixed then. There goes my vacation this summer. Oh well, life is what happens to you while your making other plans, right?! I'm glad it worked out though. I also found out he's 18 months. The poor little guy has had a pretty rough life so far. Hope for both our sakes it goes better. We still don't know who shot him. The vet made it sound like an everyday occurrance. She said it was only a BB other wise there would have been burn marks around the wound and more damage. I guess it hit his ribs and fractured some of the bone. So terrible how cruel people can be. Well I'll let you know if anything changes. Thanks for your well wishes. Jaspurr, I'm sure appreciates it even if he's too drugged to know anything much. Poor kitty.
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Poor Jaspurr. I'm glad he is feel a little better today. Some people can be so cruel. Some vets offer payment plans. I hope everything works for you money wise.
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Poor kitty!
Now I understand people who say: The better I know men the more I love dogs...
Hope he'll be ok soon!
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