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Guess what I just did?!

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I can't believe I did this! I just applied to be on the next Bachelor Show!

I know I'll never get a call back, but I figured what the heck! Looks like the next Bachelor will be Bob Guiney from the Bachelorette. He's such a hottie!

I just had to share this with you all...just can't believe I did that!
For those of you who would like to apply too, here is the link.
The Bachelor

Here's a pic of Bob...What a hunk!
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Shell, if you do get picked, I'll definitely watch this time around.
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Me too...I've never watched The Bachelor! LOL!
One of my co-workers said that I should apply...she said we'd be perfect together!

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This is so weird. I just got an email from a friend who signed up for a reality TV show and said I should join too. It's for something called Paradise Hotel, supposedly a new FOX reality show. I think she's insane. (and I mailed her back telling her so. )
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Aw, come on Jenn! I don't want to be the only crazy one on TCS! Would that be ironic if we both got picked on different reality shows?! The chances of that are slim to none, but I would be pretty dang funny!
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Oi! It would be funny... even more so if we ended up on the same TV show. They'd keep getting shots of us sitting down somewhere discussing the ins and outs of TCS.

And although I don't think the TV scene is for me, it doesn't make me any less crazy. You're far from the only crazy person here.
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Well, I know we'd have to DEMAND our online time! We'd have to check out TCS at least a couple times a day, don't ya think?

They would definitely think we're the Crazy Cat Women!
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And I definitely want broadband!
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That would be too funny! I can just see it now....all the dirty laundry of TCS being aired on national TV! LOL

Good Luck Michelle!!! I think you'd be great!
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Hey! You've got as good of a chance as anyone else!! Good luck! Keep us posted.
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I hope you get picked, I watch the Bachelor on ocassion
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Actually, I think you both have the same smile. A really nice one.

Good luck!

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Shell, I have a strong feeling that you are going to get picked! My question is, won't you miss your furbabies while you're living in that southern California mansion for 8 weeks?!
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Woo hoo Shell!! That's so cool! Please keep us updated on what happens.
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I hope you get picked!!!!!!!!!!
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I keep telling Mike we need to apply for the Amazing Race! We'd smoke the competition- his navigation skills are extraordinary!

Good luck Shell- you and the Bachelor would look good together!
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Wow! How exciting!!! I´m very excited for you!!! Bob was my favorite, there is so much about him, and a great sence of humor! (I actually think that the fireman is a very nice guy as well, but Bob still was my favorite.)
Maybe I shall apply to? Then we can fight over him?!?!? Ooops, right, there´s this man living here with me, maybe he would not be so happy if I would apply...
Good luck!!!!
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How fun Shell! I hope you are chosen, you never know so be ready! LOL!

When will you find out?
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Well,Shell,I hope you get on and win!!!!!!!!!
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Break a leg, Shell!!!!!!

Then we'd have 2 superstars on the TCS, 1 on regular tv and one on cable tv....WOW
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Hope you get on the show! I watched a few episodes of the 1st one, and the last few episodes of the 2nd one, the only reality show I used to watch all the time was the very first Big Brother and the very first Survivor. There are so many now, you cant keep up with whats what! Hope you get on the show though, that would be great!
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That is great Shell -Bob is great with a wonderful sense of humour. I would date him. I hope you get picked. I also hope you don't mind being in a bathing suit on TV (they often go to spas and swimming etc). I would love to be on a reality tv show, either the Mole or Amazing Race (not with hubby - we would kill each other).

Good luck
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Go for it! My grand daughter's social studies teacher applied for Survivor! Wouldn't it be fun to have someone on that we know?
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good luck!! I think you two would look cute together!
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Wish you will be picked! But we don't have this show...And I can't watch it...
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That is soo cool Shell! Have you heard anything yet?
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Wow, I hope you get in!!! I also hope that you don't get into any 'hissing fits' with the other girls. Then again, I'm sure the producers would love a woman with a bit of 'hiss'!

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I have watched every episode of the Bachelor and the Bachelotette. I remember Bob, he was very funny and likeable. You have as good a chance as anyone else that applies, think positive or it would never happen, envision it in your mind. What fun if you do get to go! Linda
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Thanks for wishing me luck, but I HIGHLY doubt that I'll even be considered! They're going to go for the little size 3 gals, not big women like me! As for the swimsuit thing, it ain't happenin'! I'm not sure if I'll even hear anything from them and they didn't say when they'd notify me if I got picked.

So, I'll just have to see what happens! You guys will be the first to know!
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Shell, you're a nut!!!! You're gorgeous and I agree - you've got just as good a chance as anyone!!!!

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