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Calling all nurses......

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I quit smoking 2.5 weeks ago after smoking for 18 years. I was smoking about a half a pack a day. I quit smoking for 2 reasons; 1.) It's a gross habit and 2.) Because I am having major abdominal surgery June 17th.

Here's my question:
I read somewhere that breathing exercises are really good for the lungs pre-op. What kind? My husband brought a bag of balloons home tonight and told me that blowing up balloons is a good exercise. Is this true? Any other recommendations out there?

BTW; blowing up balloons is HARDER than I thought, LOL!!

Hmph! My husband just hid the Electric Inflator, how insulting!

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Congratulations on quitting smoking!
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LOL! Thanks guys - I guess I could learn to twist these balloons into cute animal shapes...

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Sorry Kim, I have no idea about lung exercises... though blowing up balloons sounds like it should be a good workout for them. Congratulations on quitting smoking - I've heard it's difficult to do! Hope it's for good!
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Kim, yep, blowing up balloons is very good excercise for your lungs. It helps those who have been smoking, those with Asthma, chronic bronchitis and is very good for 'smoker's cough'. It increases lung capacity and help to bring up any phlegm that's in the lungs.

Also, if you're using those twistable balloons, the twisting action is good for arthritis in the hands, wrists and arms and also has a calming and healing effect on the mind.

Who ever knew balloons could be so good for you? LOL

A big for you for giving up smoking. Well done!
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One word............YOGA..........
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Kim, BE STRONG!!!! You will find that quitting smoking is the best thing you have ever done for yourself!!!

As someone that keeps bouncing back to smoking (once every few months I break down - usually when Im very sad or mad... ), I know that when I don't smoke - I suddenly feel so much more healthy and happy!!!

It is a lousy habbit, and a dangerous one too.

Good luck! keeping my fingers crossed for you surgery as well! I hope it all goes as smoothly as possible!!!!
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Way to go Kim! My husband went and got that lazer therapy to quit smoking, and it worked! He wasn't a heavy smoker or anything to begin with, actually he had quit but was constantly attacked by these cravings-that's why he did the lazer. The money it cost and threats by me together has encouraged him to stay a non-smoker. He also got the de-stress package as well. He is a time bomb sometimes.

Blowing balloons, fast walking-anything that causes your lungs to work will be beneficial. But when it hurts-STOP! Pain is telling you to try again later.

Good luck girl! and Congrats on such a beneficial move!
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Tamme, what does the laser therapy involve?
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