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Let's talk about losing weight

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I thought it might be good to start a thread about trying to lose weight. Here is my story -- right now I'm about 70 lbs overweight and I am miserable.

Twice in the past 10 years I have lost 50 and 60 pounds -- once on Weight Watchers and once on Jenny Craig. EAch time I said I'd never gain it back.

It seems like since 9/11 I have gained all of my last weight loss back.

I 'know' how to lose weight -- and once I 'get on a roll' I can do it. I just haven't, for some reason, this time been able to get my 'mind' in the right place.

This may sound desperate but on 6/11 I am going to get hypnotized for weight loss.

I don't exercise and I really don't want to!

Anyone else feel like me???!

I am the biggest I have ever been and I feel disgusted about the way I look. I hope I 'snap into it' soon!
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We have a thread here about healthy living and healthy eating.

Also, this thread is a weight loss one as well.

Have fun! And good luck!
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Whoops! Thanks for telling me about that thread -- I am going to go read it now!

Maybe this thread should be closed so that the one you mentioned is used instead?

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Good luck in your weight loss attempts. As you can see from the other threads, you're not alone!

I think you might need to reconsider about exercise, though. You can lose weight without exercising, but it takes longer. And once you get used to it, exercising makes you feel so much better.

I'm using Jorge Cruise's program called 8 Minutes in the Morning. I've lost 7 poinds in about 5 weeks. You do a short workout in the morning, and that's all the exercise you have to do. I think I need to add some aerobic workouts, since I'm not losing as much as I'd like. I have more energy, and getting up in the morning is easier.
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I know I need to exercise -- I just don't want to!

Actually, about 4 months ago I tried doing Jorge Cruise and I think I overdid it on the weights -- how are you liking it? I almost couldn't walk or move my arms after doing them!

Are you following that diet? I did for about a week but eating stuff with the Lingan Oil on and in it got to be too weird.
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Amy, I use 3 - 5 pound weights, anything more and I wouldn't be able to move! I don't use the flax oil, I bought ground flax meal for cereal and flax oil tablets. I heard the actual oil tastes really bad. I feel much better when I eat the right thing, so that helps keep me on track, or mostly on track.
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I'll have to go see what size weights I was using -- I think they may be 6, 8 and 10 lbs!!!!

Perhaps I will pull out the Jorge book again. I did lose 5 lbs in the week that I was on it! And 8 minutes a day really isn't that bad!!
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