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Talk about addictive!!!!!

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Someone please tell me why you didn't let me know ebay was so addictive!!! Now there are so many things I want from there, and for the prices..wow!! I have my eye out on lots of kitty stuff, and some stuff for the whole family too for way cheaper than going to the store.......somebody stop me!!
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Yep, its addictive!!
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I've been an ebay addict for 4 yrs now. I get a ton of stuff on there, and occasionally will sell some stuff too. You can't beat the prices, and there are some things on there you literally can't find anywhere else!
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I just won a bonceing Tigger for my granddaugther for $10.00!!
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That the main reason why I stay away from EBAY! I'd be broke constantly if I started bidding on there!

Have you bought anything yet?

Sherral, the bouncing Tigger sounds so cute! Plus for 10 bucks, you just can't go wrong with that!
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I could browse ebay all day. The only things I've bought on there have been for gifts... I try not to look for myself or I might just get addicted.
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eBay is extremely addictive! I love it and sometimes give myself a small treat of spending $10 or so on eBay. At the moment, I'm looking for a stethescope.
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eBay is VERY addictive. I started out whole hog on it, but have slowed down now. It's like it doesn't matter if I get the product anymore or not. It took me nearly 6 months to get into a comfortable groove that we can afford on it, though. At first my husband complained, but when he saw I was spending less money at the store and buying the same stuff I would normally have been buying for less he calmed down.

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My home page is Ebay. It is what I start out on right before I flip to the Cat site. Of course I come here first and then I go to Ebay and browse.
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