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Pet photos

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With so many pretty pics posted on the forums, I thought you may like to subscribe to my PhotoPet list:

Subscribers get 1-2 emails a week (well, usually 1 and that's when I'm not being lazy ) and each has one photo of a pet.

Subscribers are the main source of photos so it's really a way for people to share pics of their pets! I do it just for the fun as it's not a lot of work for me (5 minutes a week).

so if you have any cute pet photos of decent quality (cats, dogs, birds, rodents, horses - all are accepted), visit the site and read how to send them and how to subscribe.
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A while back you were mentioning something about members possibly paying dues. I've worked alot of overtime and would like to contribute something. Please PM me and let me know what I can do. I love this site. It is such an addiction!!

Hope you are feeling well.


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What a great idea! Count me in - I already entered my address.
You are so clever!
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That's a great idea! I've signed up; and I've already sent along a photograph of Sesheta Gray. Thanks!

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