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U.S. Terror Threat Level

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Looks like our security level has been bumped up a notch again. How concerned are you?
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I don't think anyone has dropped their awareness since 9/11. But there have been so many of these lately that my brain is about numb when they announce another alert. I am concerned, but not for my safety but for others if this is indeed true....this time.
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I didn't even realize it had been dropped at all. Last I noticed, it was at a steady orange.
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I think we are all concerned as a nation, but each time they raise/lower the level it reminds me of the Boy who cried Wolf. You know?

I am not any more vigilant when they raise it, nor less vigilant when its lowered.
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This one actually is more scary to me than the others. The whole "We're raising it because this date is important to Americans" thing is just dumb IMO. They strike when you least expect it, not when you MOST expect it.

This time, though.....there have been more terrorist acts going on this week in the world than I can remember at one time - Saudi Arabia, 5 suicide bombers in Israel in 4 days, and a couple more that I can't remember the details on. Perhaps they are taking reactionary measures instead of proactive measures, but it seems more of a real threat this time.
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Someone does not want peace in Israel.
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Its very frustrating... I will never understand terror acts. I meant, what is the purpose of it all?

When you guys have Orange alert, what does that mean exactly? how does it affect you lives?
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Nunny, its just an elevated alert awareness. Life for the average American does not change much, but extra security measures are taken. For instance, I live very close to Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant in Plymouth MA, and security all around the area is very visible. More police around, random car checks, etc.
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I've said it before, and I'll say it again; why dont the damn terrorists just attack so we can go nuke the crap out of them. I am not saying I want it to happen, but these alerts get really old. So, am I concerned? No. If they are going to attck, it'll happen... but hopefully they will be able to intercept the data before it does!
Sky Harbor has increased their security, again, at some of the gates....
Like said before, if these people attack, its going to be when we expect it the lease. Also, if they were going to attack, I think they would have maybe already attacked.

You cant get rid of terrorism ... what about the kids in the middle east who already hate americans? Sure, you can put them away, but someone is always going to come up with other ways.
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Its a scary thought, though, nuking them. It wont stop there. once a nuclear bomb is on its way, the world will be one big chaotic planet.

Im am not sure I want that.

its all about education. If there's nothing we can do about the older ones - lets at least try with the younger generation. You know, they found a boat that was on its way to the Palestinians, that was filled with book that said Jews and Americans are the devil... and waht kid wouldn't believe it when its written in their books, you know?

there has to be another way besides more blood shed. If I only knew what it is...
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I think most people don't really mean nuclear bombs when they say "nuke 'em" here in the US. Some may. I'll use that term occasionally, but real nuclear weapons scare the heck out of me.

As for the terrorist threat level, I've heard that it's actually a very good way for a government to control it's citizens because it increases their fear.

I haven't changed my lifestyle, but we have a ton of Iraquis living out here where we live (and most of them are real jerks). We've kept our eyes on them since they moved in because we don't want to be the idiots that say, "But they were such good neighbors" when something happens. We want to report it before something happens.

As for middle easterners, I trust them just as much as I trust anyone else. I've been better treated by them than I have by westerners. When I was living in Germany during the first Gulf War the middle easterners were the ones you could rely upon for assistance and aid--the Germans were complete jerks to us (and we never discussed politics!). I've only run into 2 middle easterners I really didn't like and it was because of what they did (rape and verbal abuse).
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Im intruiged:
Do you consider Israel Middle East - or - Europe?

I know we think of ourselves as Europe, but the rest of the world doesn't... Im just wondering how An\\mericans see us.
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Nunny, it actually depends on where you are as to what you consider being Middle East. Here in the states even many North African countries get considered as the Middle East and it kind of goes all the way across to India (but doesn't seem to include India). So people from the US tend to include N. Africa and Asia in with the Middle East (and I'm guilty of doing that too).

If you're talking culturally, I would say Israel is slightly different because it's more westernized.

When I was in Germany the Middle East started at Saudi Arabia and ended somewhere in Iran or Pakistan (they never really did make that clear). Israel was in the Near East.

Because I've dated someone from Iran I actually consider Iran the beginning of Asia, but then I go and say something stupid like Afghanistan and Pakistan are in the Middle East.

How do Israelis divide up that section of the world?
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