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cat sleeping patterns

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My cat, Sylvester, yes, named after the cartoon since I am called Tweety, likes to sleep between my legs and between my husband's legs. Sometimes, when my husband works nights, he comes to sleep at my hip. My other cat I had when I was a kid did that, too (slept inside my legs). Is that weird? My guess is that they find it comfortable because your legs make somewhat of a 'nest' or a nook for them to sleep in. Can someone help me out on this one?
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I ticked everything because my kitties sleep all over me, as they're the bosses. I'm just here to open the cans and pour the kibble.
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There is always considerable jockeying for the position between the 2 of us. Coal, Sunshine, Blondie and Sasha are the main contenders. But Max sleeps on my hip, every night without fail.
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CloudDancer sleeps on my feet every night! All 18 pounds of him!!!
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Rocky loves to sleep right by my head when he is in the room with us, but Fluffy likes to sleep in between hubby and I if she does happen to sleep with us..
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Spike doesn't sleep on me for the most part. He does sleep next to me all night though.
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Ophelia sleeps wherever a lap would be if I were sitting. Sometimes that means between the legs, sometimes by the crook of my knees, sometimes on my hip or butt, or on the odd occasion I am laying on my back, on top of my thighs. Trent sleeps down by my calves/feet every night. He just adjusts so he's touching whenever I move.
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Sam always comes to lie on my chest when I go to bed. (I sleep on my back). Then he used to move over and sleep beside me. But since we got Bailey, he goes somewhere else. She would never come into the bedroom, until about a week ago. On the weekend I was having an afternoon nap, and she jumped up on my bed for the very first time, and snuggled between my legs. She looked kind of nervous there, but eventually fell asleep. I am happy.
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Jude likes to sleep between my legs. If i move too much then he will sleep next to my back legs (spoon). He also likes to sleep next to Jana(whois 2 yrs old).

Tavish likes to sleep independently. Only if it's very cold at night then he only sleep on the corner of the bed next to us. or sleep with jude together on the bed or other locaiton. It's rare for Tavish to sleep between my legs if i dont move.
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Max likes to start the night in the crook of my arm, because I sleep on my side. He will then move to the crook of my knees or sleep over my feet. Last night, however, he stayed in the crook of my arm all night.
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Our first cat, Sambo, used to sleep every nite at my knees. He slept there all nite, thru the nite, and only got up to be fed at about 6:30am, then came back and slept again. Rascal used to like sleeping "in your face" so I didn't let him sleep on me. Too much kitty fur in your mouth and now he just sleeps outside. Shorty never actually sleeps in my room. There is too much for her to play with, and get into, and I let her sleep in there once, and she was up like every half hour or so, and it drove me up the wall, so now she doesn't sleep with me. She'll sleep on my brother's bed no problem, all nite or all day, and wont' bother him, but I'm a different story!
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Venus loves to share the same pillow with me.

Also, she likes to share the same seat cushion as well. :

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Toes sleeps on your head or in between your legs. Tailer doesn't like to sleep on the bed with you, she'll only stay in there while you're awake (I must've knocked her off at some point in my sleep). Toes also kneads your head and sucks on your hair. My Mom's complained a couple of times about him (as they're living with my parents right now), but she's like me and lets him do it.

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Kabota sleeps draped over my head on my pillow- Ripley or Bailey sleep on my chest, whoever gets there first. Taz sleeps on my feet and Kahuna sleeps on my legs! I have kitty strait jackets every night when I lie down. Bartee sleeps by Mike's side and Squirrel plays assault team all over both of us all night. Cat ownership is so fun!
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