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Annika Sorenstam at the PGA Tournament

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Just wondering what everything thinks about her playing. I've heard two theories expounded upon on the sports shows, that's where the poll came from....

There hasn't been a woman playing on the PGA circuit since 1945 (so she's not the first to do it). One of the big names on the PGA tour, Veejay Singh said that if he was paired with her, he wouldn't play.

Last year at this tournament they issued about 100 press passes, this year almost 600...
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I saw a special on her a few weeks back... it was on 20/20 or some such show. I don't follow golf at all, so I have little knowledge in this department. What I did see on the special is how hard this woman has worked to get to the level she's at. I can't believe the physical exercise this woman endures daily. She said she was going to play at the PGA Tournament in order to challenge herself, to see how she'd do on one of their courses, against the men.

I've always figured that we have the separation of genders in sports out of fairness. In a lot of cases, men have an advantage against women, so separating the sports makes sense in a way. I also don't have a problem with her playing in the tournament though. (Although I don't know if I'd feel the same way with a man playing in the womens' league... seems a bit unfair to me. Not that the women can't hold their own, but the truth of the matter is, men have more muscle mass in general, and can hit the ball further.)

So I guess my opinion is, good for her if she's up for the challenge. I think I just may have to tune in for this round of golf, and root for her.
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Originally posted by valanhb
One of the big names on the PGA tour, Veejay Singh said that if he was paired with her, he wouldn't play.

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I could care less, one way or the other because golf isn't my 'thing', but incidentally golf was a sport created by men, solely for men (not that I think thats necessarily proper). 'Golf' stands for Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden.
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Why do these women have to play in the PGA? Isn't there a LPGA? The men don't bother them about wanting to play in it. I am from Augusta, GA, and these people pay thousands of dollars for their memberships to the Augusta National and I think they should be able to have whoever they want, or not, play on their course. No one is allowed to have their traditions any more if it is not politically correct. This woman wants to be a man, so she thinks she has to play with the men to prove something. I wish they would stay out of the PGA, the boxing ring, and NASCAR!
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krazy kat2 - I don't know which golfer it was, but one of the men wants to play on the LPGA tour because of Annika being on the men's. I don't know if it's actually going to happen, or if he was just being sarcastic. I just saw it on the special... I didn't retain who it was because I don't follow golf.
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Now if the sport is divided into 2 leagues, I generally don't have a problem with women and men being seperated for the biological reasons cited above, but I would guess that it's entirely possible for a woman to play golf at the same level as a man. But as for sports that women are traditionally shut out of, I have different opinions. Take women's boxing. I love boxing, and some of the best fights I've seen have been women fighting. I'm not in favor of mixing the genders in boxing, but that's because women don't naturally put on as much muscle mass when training in the same way as male boxers. I believe that women might be able to hold their own as long as the weight classes were carefully controlled, but I think safety is more important than drama in a sport. As for NASCAR, why should women racers be shut out? The chances of a female league in that sport are slim to nil, so if a woman wants to race profesionally and make real money, NASCAR is her big hope. And that's a sport where the biological differences don't matter. Heck, I'd rather ride along with the women I know than most of the men, and that's because they have better reaction time, not because they drive more carefully. I know some of this stuff is traditional, but it was a tradition to use cats to hang in effigy of hated popular figures in the middle ages. Just because it's always been done "this way" doesn't mean that that's the best way.
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I have no problem with her playing in the PGA, just as long as when one of the men wants to play in the LPGA there is NO stink made.

I cannot stand double standards, which is exactly what I think this will become.
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I don't think there should be a double standard either. It doesn't bother me in the least if a man wants to play in the LPGA, and I don't think a huge deal should be made of it. The only "issue" I see with it is, the womens' team... well, I don't want to say it's inferior, because it isn't. But most of those women cannot play at a man's level. Not because they're not as good, but just because of the natural physical differences between them. If a man were to play in the LPGA, I don't think he'd really be taken as seriously. If he were to win, I don't know how much prestige that would give him... and if he were to lose (which is what I've heard a lot of the men going up against Annika are concerned with), well, would it crush his big manly ego? I don't know if I agree with that or not, but I think that's how it might be looked at.
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I have never thought that golf should be divided in the 1st place. I think it has more to do with finesse then brute strength. I hope she kicks butt!
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I think she wants to test her skill against the PGA players. I don't see anything wrong with that, as long as the PGA players allow her to do so. I do think it is a publicity stunt to improve the popularity of golf.

As for Augusta. They should have anyone they want to play on their golf course. Women don't have to be everywhere. It is a private club. Political correctness just gets to me sometimes.
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I just heard on the news that she is going back to her own league, it was tougher than she thought. Maybe now she will shut the *ell up.
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This has all been a tempest in a teapot. In the greater scheme of things, is golf really that important? Personally, I'd rather watch something interesting - like grass grow.
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