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Ex feral cat needs a home can anyone help

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Hello all, I have a cat that was feral and she needs a home very soon. Her and my 80 lb Doberman do NOT get along. She is very antagonistic towards him and he retaliates on her and things get ugly sometimes. I have posted her on Petfinder many times but no one is interested in a cat that was feral and needs a little extra understanding of her behavoir and needs. She has two strikes against her- she hates dogs and is very fearful of children and will growl, scratch, and bite if pestered by young kids. She is fine with other cats if given time to adjust. She needs to be with someone who uderstands ferals and that they will always revert back to that if cornered or feel threatened. She is very loving but do not cross her or try to punish her physically, she will fight back and means business. She loves to sit in your lap and purr while you pet her and she is quite a talker and can carry on an interesting conversation if you encourage her to do so by "talking" (meowing) to her. She is UTD on all shots including FeLv (she tested negative before being vaccinated)and is spayed. She is 4 yrs. old and has a lot of life yet to live. I am looking for an inside only home for her obviously with no young children or dogs. She would be great with an older couple. She perfers women but likes men also and tends to bond with one person especially. My husband and I are the only people she has ever known so anyone who adopts her should give her time to warn up to them and be prepared for some slight hissing or growling and should just give her some space and time to adjust. She is litter trained and uses a scratching post faithfully.

Please if you or someone you know would be willing to give her a chance contact me. I hate to see her spending all her time in the basement because she will not come upstairs and if she does her and the dog tangle (the dog won't do down stairs). She needs love and attention that she is not getting here. Oh BTW, she is a brown spotted tabby DSH with hazel eyes and black paws. She is petite and quite long and lathe. Very athletic and can jump a good highth with ease.

Thank you for reading.

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Kyttin, This is a cat who needs a special home, isn't she? Have you called the no-kill shelters? Would it be possible to fence in a large section of the yard? I would imagine the doberman would love to have a place to run. I'm not suggesting that the cat is more important, but I have a collie who loves to be outside. We bring him in to eat and get attention, when it rains, and to sleep--and, of course, in very cold weather, but he would hate to be confined to the house. Just an idea. A family room or living room can't compare to the freedom of running in the yard.

Have you called the no-kill shelters? There is a list at the top of the page. Perhaps they can find a foster home as she might take some time to place. It might take a while to find someone who is patient and knows how to treat ferals, but since we have some on our site, we know there are people who really care. Until then, I know you'll give her as much human love and attention possible. My best wishes are with you and your cat!
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The dog, Tron does not like to be outside by himself. Dobes are very people oriented dogs. They are not suited to be outside dogs because they have very short hair coats and can not tolerate even moderately cool temps and they also overheat easily in very warm or humid weather even if given access to shade. Dobes like to be where their people are. He is my dobershadow and follows me around the house and has to be wherever I am. He gets unhappy quickly if left outside alone for any longer than to go potty and make a few passes around the yard. He prefers to be in the house with us. Ask anyone who knows Dobes and they'll tell you they don't make good out door dogs. Thanks for the imput though, maybe if he were a different breed this could work.

As far as the no-kill shelters go I have contacted all in my area and they all said they don't have the room or the means to take on a cat with these needs. I wish she could at least learn to tolerate Tron. He is not cat aggressive she just antagonizes him to the point he gets really mad. She will run up and attack him for no reason!! Bearing teeth and claws and really giving him the works then he growls and snaps at her when he's have enough. It won't be long before he really lets her have it and that would be disaterous for her. My other 4 cats have no problems with him and 2 of them will even give him baths and he loves it.

She really is a good cat. She is friendly with people she's met a few times and is very affectionate. I hope I can find her a home soon.
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Most no kill shelters will not take ferals. I would love to take this cat, but I live on the other coast. I do have some people in Michigan I will ask around and see if they know of a nice place for her.
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Oh Hissy thank you for asking around to the people you know. I really appreciate that. I just want her to have a wonderful home where she will be loved and get lots of attention and the best care. I wish you could take her. I know she'd have a great home with you. But I guess distance with not let this happen. If you find anyone who may be interested I will be willing to give them my phone number if they would like to call.

Once again thank you!!

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well I have 18 cats and a German Shepherd dog. All my cats are ferals and I would just work with her until she was accepting of dogs- it can happen, it just takes time and patience. Then I would either find her another home where she would be happy or blend her in with my crew here. But like I said, I live on the other coast. I will ask Mary and few others I know in Michigan to see if they can help you. A picture would help though.
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