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Wish me luck!!! (bidding on the "big foot" cat condo on ebay! )

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I want this kitty condo sooooooo bad it is not even funny!! they have it on for 300 but my hubby would kill me if i spent that much I have been wanting this condo since before christmas! It will fit so purrrrrfect in my living room. Then I will have two BIG cat condos ( i will need it with 6 cats ) anyway! Send me win the bid vibes It's over in two days!!
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wishing you lots of luck!( I also bid on e-bay)!
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I hope you get it!! I have tried to register on ebay but I can't even register because I don't have a credit card.... bummer...ohh well....Let us know if you get it or not!
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Ohhh. It sounds very nice!!!I ll look up at what you are looking for.

good luck!!!
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Good luck, Val! That's how I got my huge cat tree.
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I just forgot..My hubby has a paypal account, and I would absolutely love to have one too...let me know which one it is so I don't bid on the one you want ok? I see alot of kitty condos on there.....
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How I ended up getting such a good deal was that I bid on one that was a "pick up only", no delivery, about an hour away. Saved me about $40-50 on shipping!
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Hey Sue, that's great!! I hope to get something like that myself soon..
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My god.. It is so perfect. I like the design of the cat house. It's soo perfect for your cats as well as my cats..

Good luck!!

I ve been searching like yours but coudn't find one because i want to see if there is any cheapest one. I really want that soo badly.. If i fine one like yours then i ll let you know.. I doubt it.. it said its original, only one.. interesting!
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The one i want is called "the big foot" they do have a used bigfoot, it is supposed to be in good condtion. let me see if I can find the link to the one I'm bidding on and the one i'm not bidding on

This is the one I am bidding on

this is the one I AM not bidding on (I would have bid on this one but i didn't see it until after i placed by bid this should go for less.)

I have one just like this and am very very happy with it! But the person doesn't have any listed right now
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It looks great! Hope you win it! Keep us updated on how the bidding goes.
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I think I might have to up my bid Well dh is joining a gym so I should get something too right
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Yeah.. Go for it.. how many days left for you to bid it?? I told my dh about yours.. he said, My god it's sooo nice.. he says, please dont bid it.. i am like, no i am not going to do it since we are buying a house.. i better wait. i am so tempted!!
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My cats really really love the one they have now. We paid around 150 for that and 50 dollers shipping. Got it off ebay. They use it everyday! I want to get a second one because with six kitties running around i know there would be fights if there were only one
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Mate, you should let yourself be outbid on the new one and go for the second-hand one - it's only at $25!! Your kitties are sooooo spoilt!
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i'm sure that the second one will be up pretty high in no time

Yea my little babies are spoiled!! The deserve something for being such good little monsters!
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such good little monsters
A contradiction in terms! But I know what you mean. Mine are naughty little sweethearts.
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Id love to see picture of your current one with cats in it. i bet 6 kittens will turn into adult cats and fight over the cat house.. Aww!! THEY ALL ARE SOO CUTE!
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Moe and Neo always fight over the top of the kitty condo they have now..neo normally wins!! So it will be interesting ot see what they think of the new condo. I'm sure they will all love it.
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I can't find the one that you are bidding on PP ??? I did see one that I like...hubby will let me bid on it..woohoo.. this is it!
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That's very cool. I want one ..............
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GOOD LUCK PP !!!!!!!! We have a big one like that, Lets see If I can attach the pic....
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Well, I'm lucky - my hus did such a thing for my cat! But mime is exlusive Noone has the same! I'll make the pic for you!
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Good luck! I hope you get it!
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the acution is over around 10 tonight!! I hope i get it!!!! I did have to up my bid lets hope I dont have to do that again!
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I bid on the big foot a few weeks ago, but after it got passed $210, I gave up. I bid on a similar one... it's 8 feet tall, same colors but without the ladder. I ended up paying around $230 for it, but it was worth it.... Its built out of solid wood, so it does not shake or anything, plus everyone loves it!
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