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Kitten back contract

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First is my question. If you buy a cat/kitten for so much money and also owe a kitten back as part of the contract. Do you have the right to put a contract on said kitten going back to the breeder?

If yes does anyone have this type of contract to share with me? I have a kitten going back aas part of payment for one of my queens.

Please email contracts to leopard-hill@att.net

Thank you
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I have never known of anyone to do that, but, that doesn't mean that you can't. I would think though that it would have to be stipulated as part of the original contract, as without it being stated, the kitten would already be owned by the breeder, therefore not yours to attach a contract to. It is a very good idea!

Hope that makes sense!
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Yes I understand.

I just want to make sure she is not going to say she never received the kitten and that she will do right by her.

If I have a contract stating I gave her said kitten for the payment ect and a signed copy from her she can never say I did not give it to her. You see where I am going?
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Oh of course!! I think as long had her sign a receipt you're covered. As far as her doing right for the kit.. If you know what kind of breeder she is, then it should give you an idea about that as well. You have every right to be concerned! That's one of the reasons we have a closed Cattery (finally). We no longer have to worry about situations like that, and when we first started we got lucky and found a mentor that never asked to have a kitten in return.
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This web site chat deals only with contracts. The sample contracts are here
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Well, we usually do it like this.
Let me tell you about my Don Hairless AMDeluxe Zora Ciara R'us. I bought her for sum of monew and as I live in the other sity they are interested in our "blood" so they wand a kitty back. And we signed a contract with a part, that I send them a kitten and after they check his health they send me her pedigree. It suits me
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