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Pet Peeves

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I know we all love our kitties soo much to no end, but I know there are some things that just totally aggrivate the heck out of us that they do...what are some of those thing that your cats do that just absolutely drives you bonkers??
Rocky~ hmm..let's see here...he will meow till no end to come in our room if we close the door at night...
there really isn't anything he does that is annoying other than the constant meowing at night...

Now Fluffy, she is a totally different story...she has this infatuation with legs and feet I swear, I am not sure if it is her way of greeting you, but she attacks my feet anytime I walk past her, or my legs too..especially if I happen to have shorts on, or just getting out of the bath with just a towel around me....I have lots of little scratches on my ankles where she grabs a hold of them...it's funny when you think about it, but it can be quite aggrivating when you are trying to walk and you are avoiding stepping on a cat and avoiding getting pounced on too...
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I have to admit that Max does two things that drive me nuts. One is that no glass, can of soda or bottle is safe around him. He must knock it on the floor. I do a walk through of the house before I leave to make sure I have not left any glasses or glass cups out. I'm afraid he will knock them down, they will break and he'll get glass in his paws. The second is that he will hide and jump out at me as I walk past. I'm kind of a jumpy person to begin with and he scares the wits out of me! I pretty sure that's why he does it.
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Kahu is just like your Max - no cup or glass of water is safe around him, so I have resorted to using plastic cups.
If I drink coffee, I hold the cup at all times - or put it up high in a place where he cannot get at. He is such a little brat.
Peedoodle likes to have his kisses and cuddles at 4am. He will tap me on the shoulder and if I ignore him, he will attack me. Sometimes he will snuggle up next to me in bed and if I dont put my arm around him, he will tap my shoulder as well. It is cute, but I NEED my sleep!
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When I'm trying to read the newspaper and Socks lies right in center of the paper. And then I have to take it to the neighbour and explain why it is covered in cat hair and tea. (Our neighbours and us share a newspaper subscription but don't tell the paperboy... shhhhhhh. )
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moemoe takes phones off the hook and jumps on top of doors. Neo will flop down and lay right in front of you and you almost trip over him. You are not allound to have a straw in anything they both think it needs to be removed, and forget about going to the bathroom with out opening the door and tripping over two kitties but i love them dearly!
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I just thought of something else. Max loves string. It is almost impossible to sew around him. He has also chewed through the cords on my mini blinds. I also have to make sure that if I wear a dress with ties in the back that they are tied in a loose bow or he jumps at my back.
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Georgia screams incessantly to go out, and makes a run for it every time the door opens. She attacks Pearl. She bites and scratches my feet if they are not under the covers when I am sleeping. She always has to join me in the bathroom. She drops wet, fuzzy mice in my shoes.
Fred gnaws and licks himself constantly. If he finishes licking imself, he will lick Georgia until she smacks him. He like to give my full coffee cup "kitty loves."
Pearl is a perfect little angel.
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The sewing reminded me of another of Sock's favorite things to destroy.

If you cross-stitch, you'd know that some brands of aida cloth come in tubes. Yeah. Socks adores those tubes and tries to kill the aida cloth... silly kitty. I'll bet she's ruined at least $20 worth of aida cloth... lol.

(NOTE: This is just when the aida cloth comes home from the store, it has not come into contact with needles, etc, which I of course keep in a sewing box away from my cat. )
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Uhm... besides the first two weeks I had him (I got him at 8 weeks old), I can't really think of anything that Spike does that drives me crazy. He sleeps through the night (or at least is quiet and doesn't wake me...). He's very good about being careful around things... I can't ever remember him knocking anything over. Oh! Well, I don't find it annoying, but when I'm knitting (I'm working on a throw-afghan thingy), he likes to lie down on it, so that I can't flip it over to do the next row. But I love it since it usually means he's lying on ME! (He's not a lapcat by any means.) I guess I have nothing to complain about!
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Jamie waits till I'm in the shower and then decides he must come in (no, his litter box isn't in the bathroom). He jumps against the door and wails until I let him in - loud enough to wake both my husband and the next-door neighbors. I don't want him coming in until I at least have a top on, because he jumps up on my shoulders, often using his claws to hold on. He does this every day.
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my cat does so many annoying things he's lucky i love him! He was born and raised without humans but has come around rather fast.. His first annoying habit was that he would always run around my feet when I walked and half the time I would trip over him or step on him--and when i stepped on him he would hide and pout for hours!.. Soon he began attacking feet, not in a mean way but certainly in an annoying way! He lives in and out because he starts freaking after being in for too long, but when he's in he'll beg to go out and as soon as i let him out he's begging to come in.. ugh.. Everytime I'm eating something he thinks its for him and steals it no matter WHAT it is, even like salads and stuff, and the same with drinks..
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Tavish is so addcited to stratch on the rug when he is looking at me and doing it in front of me. I called "Tavish, get your claw off from the rug!!" he left but come back again.. I hate that!!
Jude loves running and passing across me and i trip it. He always do that to me. sometimes i check out around on the floor and no jude then i walk. Jude is out of blue and appears to be there and i tripped. GRR Jude loves to jump over on my back if i pick up something from the floor. They are my furbabies...
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Ivo loves to wake me up at 5:30 in the morning so I can play chase with her (i.e. she runs into the bedroom, I say "boo" and she runs around the apartment like crazy). She also demands to be let out into the hallway, even if I've just let her out. And, she digs so long in her litter box that I have to distract her.
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Trent destroys his toys and then wonders why we can't play anymore. OK, so that's more of a this week thing....I got them a really cool toy, the Kitty Kaster, that's like a fishing pole and you just push a button and it reels the toy back. The perfect lazy-human-interactive toy! Unfortunately, my hiding place wasn't good enough on the first night we had the toy, and he pulled out the toy and chewed through the string. Toy basically ruined. Well, at least for the lazy human.
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