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Please help save the lives of 2 Meezers

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Anne..... I posted this in the bottom forum as well..... hope you do not mind, but I think this belongs in this forum to get everyone's attention! Hopefully someone will be able to help!!

HI! Please read this and see if you can help these Meesers from being put to sleep for a stupid reason! One of my on-line buddies received this in her email and is hoping someone will be able to help!

"Urgent Rescue Situation in Winslow, Maine - 2 Seal point 8 year old,
declawed, and altered brother and sister pair brought to a vet's office to be euthanized due to a family member's allergies. Vet has asked owner to consider rescue/adoption instead but these guys have very little time. If interested in adopting this great pair please contact a local rescue person:
Cathleen O'Connor
email addy: critters@mint.net phone number 207-873-4661.
If no answer, please leave a message. Your call will be returned ASAP. If there are any Siamese Rescue volunteers in that general area, please email Kim at VAFieldOps@siameserescue.org

I am posting this email I got the other day hoping a member on the board can help save these two siblings from being killed because their owners are allergic to them! I can't believe that someone could do this! Is there any member in Maine or near Maine that could save these two????
Doo=^..^= "
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People like this need euthanized. Take some damn allergy meds.
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I will email her and see if she has room. She has been looking for other therapy animals. These two sound like they might fit into her program..
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She is (like everyone else) full up. And she raises a good question. Why are they suddenly allergic to cats that are 8 years old? Anyway, she has put them on a prayer chain, and says Siamese Rescue is aware of these two...
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Oh Tigger....I hope someone will adopt these two!!! I would if I lived closer and if they weren't declawed, but since they would have to be outdoors...I can't have declawed cats!!! poor things!!!! I hope someone will rescue them!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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