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Kitty in Heat

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Hi everybody!

Well, since I've always had my cats altered before they have a chance to go into heat, I'm a little new at this. It seems that my 8 month old Siamese mix, Maya Lin, is acting a bit strange, like she's in heat. Her belly is hard, her back is arched and her butt is way up in the air. I feel helpless. What I need to know (Sandie if you're there HELP!!!) is how long does it last? Does any spotting occur? She has an appointment to be spayed on February 10th. Should I have it done sooner? She's scheduled to be in a cat show this weekend.
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Well, seems like she was faster than you thought

Does she make a lot of noise? I have heard that Siamese are supposed to be extremely vocal when they're in heat. From what I've read (my female is also spayed) the heat period should last anything between 5-14 days. That means you'd be able to spay her in February, unless she goes into heat again (she could get into heat again within 2-3 weeks if she's not mated).

I don't know what you can do about the show though. I have heard that a vet can make her go out of heat by artificial stimulation of the vagina. Maybe that could help.
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HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA sorry, yes they can be very loud and cry all the time. So I think you are going to have to tough it out. No, there is no spotting, just lots of love and crying. Donna, she can't go into the show if she is 8 months and not spayed anyway. HHP class has to be spayed by 8 months to be in the show.Looks like you may have to swap her with someone. If you need more advice, you can always call me ya know...but its good for other people to know what to look for when they are in heat.
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You just described the classic symptoms of ' in heat" those oriental breeds tend to go into heat earlier than others and more frequently. Linda
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I was told by 2 breeders who have been breeing the oriental lines for 35 years that the oriental cats take longer to go into heat than normal cats. But once they do, it is a non stop issue. HMMMMMM.....
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