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Hello!! Nice to meet you here!!

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Hi all!! Just want to tell everyone that I am so thrilled to know the existance of this forum. First of all, let me introduce my lovely catbabies to you.

#1. Guai-Guai(Chinese name, means "good & obedient"), male, about 4 years old.

I brough Guai Guai home when he was about 1 year old. He was originally belong to a friend of my brother. That person put Guai Guai out for adoption. In the meantime, my boyfriend, who is now my husband, moved away for job, and I was so lonely. Therefore, my brother brought Guai Guai home to keep me company. I didn't have a copy of Guai Guai's birth certificate. Hence, I have no idea his exact age nor his breed... But he would be the cutest cat to me!!

#2. Mow-Mow (Chinese name, means "kitty."), female, 2 years old

Mow-Mow was brought home by my husband when she was only 2 months old. My husband did not know what Guai-Guai looks like at that time. So it is just so interesting to see the similarity between Mow-Mow and Guai-Guai. Mow-Mow is so different from Guai-Guai in terms of personality. She is closer to people while Guai-Guai is quite distanced from people at times. I guess it is just a matter of being a female and a male cat.

Guai Guai is now living with my parents on the west coast, where I lived before I got married. I moved to the East after I got married. So in a few weeks, I will bring Guai-Guai home in the East. Hopefully Guai Guai will be alright in the flight as well as get along well with Mow Mow.

Wish us luck!! Jean
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Hi Jean and a big welcome!

Glad you are here, Jean. Beautiful kitties!! Thanks so much for sharing.

Hope you will stay, as the folks here are really nice, and this is a wonderful site. i am still learning a lot about kitty care here.

i speak both Cantonese and Mandarin, and i smiled at your kitties' name -- so sweet.

Smiles and cheers!
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I loved your cats! I also like the names.

You must be missing Guai-Guai terribly. My kitties are living with my parents too right now.

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Welcome to the site! You have two very beautiful cats.
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What beautiful cats! I'm so glad you'll get to have both with you soon. Welcome to the board!
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Gorgeous Kittie Katts !!! Welcome to TCS !!! Have Fun I'm Sam
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Hey didn't I see your cats on that zrytec commercial? Those are some beautiful cats you have there.
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Lovely Kitties!!!

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YOu have beautiful cats with splendid names!
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How beautyful cats! Welcome here!
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