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Deworming ferals?

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I am pretty sure that my crew has worms. Before I took Caruso to his new home he was checked for worms and was found to have hookworms. One of my ferals is a bit thin and had roundworm when I trapped him about 6 months ago.

The ferals I am caring for are truly feral and will not let me touch them, let alone pill them, but I sure would like to deworm the lot of them. But, I have no idea how to do it and which worms to go after.

Any ideas?
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that is a good question! I would like to know to.
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Ours were infested with round worm, and even after bringing them inside, it took literally months and many treatments of drontal and lots of litterbox bleaching to rid them of the worms.

Most ferals have parasites, period.

I don't know if Drontal works for anything other than round worm. And it's a pill - but the problem is even if you crush it and mix it with wet food, there's no way to assure that each cat gets the right amount. Without trapping them, wrapping them to then pill them (drontal requires only one pill, then on more three weeks later), I'm not sure it can be done.

The only way would be if you can serve each cat an individual dish of wet food with the pill crushed into it, and have some way to ensure that each cat has one full bowl.

I'll speak to the Vet, and maybe hissy knows.
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