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After some thought and consideration. I have decided that it is time for me to move on from TCS. I've met a lot of great people here, and I wish you all luck.

My reasons for leaving will be kept to myself as I do not want to cause any drama or have this post or any others for that matter 'deleted'.

Best wishes,
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So sorry to see you leave...
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Awwwww Cass I'll miss you mate. Hamba Gahle (go well).
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I'm sorry to see you go! You've really helped this place be what it is! I'm going to miss your sweet and funny posts. I do hope that you will take sometime and decide to come back. You're always welcome to come back...
Gonna miss ya! Best of luck to you and your furkids.
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Goodbye...we will miss you!!!
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Oh no - we're here if you change your mind. Be well.
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Oh, Cass... I am also hoping you will only "take a vacation" and come back... It sad that you decided to go
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i just pm you. Please keep in touch!

Blessings and smiles from one Californian to another.
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Bye - if you should change your mind, you know where to find everybody!
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I'm sorry to see you go...but you must do what you feel you need to. If you ever change your mind, we'll always be here.
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OMG Everyone's leaving .. Good Luck! and Come back and say Hi one day
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We will miss you! Come visit us when you can! I hope it won't be too long before you come back!
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We will miss you! I hope that after a break, you can find it in you to come back - you add so much to the site!
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I wish you the best in you forth coming adventures....chow Dali
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