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Please Read ASAP!

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HI! Please read this and see if you can help these Meesers from being put to sleep for a stupid reason! One of my on-line buddies received this in her email and is hoping someone will be able to help!

Urgent Rescue Situation in Winslow, Maine - 2 Seal point 8 year old,
declawed, and altered brother and sister pair brought to a vet's office to be euthanized due to a family member's allergies. Vet has asked owner to consider rescue/adoption instead but these guys have very little time. If interested in adopting this great pair please contact a local rescue person:
Cathleen O'Connor
email addy: critters@mint.net phone number 207-873-4661.
If no answer, please leave a message. Your call will be returned ASAP. If there are any Siamese Rescue volunteers in that general area, please email Kim at VAFieldOps@siameserescue.org

I am posting this email I got the other day hoping a member on the board can help save these two siblings from being killed because their owners are allergic to them! I can't believe that someone could do this! Is there any member in Maine or near Maine that could save these two????
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This is terrible! Why doesn't the vet take them and give them to a shelter? I bet that if he phoned the shelter they can send someone to pick them up.
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Good news!

I heard from Kathleen O'Connor this afternoon and she has had an overwhelming response to the two 8 year old cats. People as far away as NY have called with interest in adopting them. Not to worry, they are going to get homes. I also gave her the number of a Siamese Rescue organization in Connecticut that rescues all over the U.S.

Another success story!

Thanks Rene
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