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Please wish me luck...

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My job interview is at 2:00 this afternoon. Plus side - I get to miss school. Down side - I'm gonna be nervous all day! Please wish me luck. Has anybody got any tips? Please please please please please?
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First of all...relax...smile, and be honest and be yourself.... Good Luck!! also, what type of job are you interviewing for??
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Good luck!
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Originally posted by Rock&Fluff'smom
First of all...relax...smile, and be honest and be yourself.... Good Luck!! also, what type of job are you interviewing for??

The interview is for a clerk's assistant job.
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Wishing you lots and lots and LOTS of luck!
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I was always told to imagine the interviewer naked (not that I ever tried it)
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Lots of luck!! Just relax and be yourself and you'll do great.
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Thanks, guys.
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lots and lots of good luck!!!
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Best of luck! I am sure you will do fine!!!!
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Best of Luck to you I know how nerve racking it can be to interview for a new job.
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Let us all know how it went, ok? I know you'd do just fine!
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Sending my blessings to you, Jenn.

Stay confident. Also, i feel it helps to "dress the role" - dress like it is your first day at work.

Also, it helps to take another copy of your resume, and have your references and pertinent information ready (in case they want you to fill an application form.)

Smiles and Cheers!
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Thanks everybody.

I'm wearing the most "business like" clothes that I own. A long blue skirt and a beige top. I hope it's okay. I tried on my mom's pantsuits but they were all too big. I have a nice jumper dress, but I think it would probably be a bit too "cutesy".

I have my resume and references printed off and everything, so I hope I'll be okay. It's all in my purse. I read on a website that taking a purse is a no-no, but my life is in there and I don't have anything more business-like. I hope it's all okay...
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You'll be fine mate. I'm thinking of you!
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I think it went okay!

The worst thing was, the man was pretty big and I have little teeny tiny hands and my handshake was...horrible. But he said not to worry because he was just as nervous as I was and that he hated the whole process, so that put me at ease. The only question I could think to ask him was "What would the hours for this job be?" and he told me that it was 8-4:30 which is pretty good. And then he said "Would you like to know about the payscale?" and I said "Well, I just assumed it would be minimum wage" (big flub, I know) but he laughed and said "No, it's up in the $10/hr range!" (that's more than my mama makes...) and I just said "Oh", dumbly, but he laughed at me again and asked about my typing speed. I said "60-90 WPM, it depends on what I'm typing, I'm slower with numbers" and he said that that was alright because they wouldn't be many numbers and I was happy. Then he asked me about my best and worst qualities and I didn't really know what to say so I said that my worst quality was procrastination and he said "well, you'd fit in nicely then!" lol. And then he asked if I took business studies this year and I said "Yes, I'm getting 93% in it" and he was happy and said he'd let me know by Thursday. Yay! I hope I got it, but there's a lot of people that applied so I don't know...
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That is good - if the interviewer puts you at ease like that, then that is good news!

Sending you "get that job" vibes!

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Sounds like things went really well and smoothly..I hope you get the job!! I will be sending ++vibes your way!!!
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Thanks guys, I need them. There's a 2 page list of people that applied... argh!

But the man was really impressed with my marks (but I kinda, left out my math mark. It's not lying, it's just...not telling. lol) and he was really impressed that I had a first aid course and he liked my volunteer work. He didn't know when school was over, so I told him "exams end on June 26th" and he said "so can you start on the 27th?" and I said "well, I have my driving test that day" and he said "oh, that's kind of important. if you get it, you can start on the 28th." he was really nice.

(sorry for the bad typing, i'm sitting cross legged, socks is on my right knee and my dog is looking for pets to my left, lol)
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I'm a little late on this, sorry! It sounds like your interview went well. I hope you get the job!
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So do I! Let us know when you get word.
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Woo hoo! Sounds like the interview went really well! You should be proud. Let us know how it all goes.
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I just got here but, good luck. Making the interviewer laugh helps. (It worked for me.)
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Sounds like it went well. Good luck on getting the job!
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It sounds like you did really good. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

Just be glad that you didn't have to interview with more than one person, cuz that gets nerve wracking after a while.
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I am sure that you will get it! Sounds like the interview went well! Good luck.
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A little late but here's hoping you get good news!!!
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I have my fingers crossed for you. good luck!
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AWWWWWWW Good Luck Buddy , I saw this thread and I should of replied before ( Hits hand) GOOD LUCK, I know you can do it
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Jen - I hope I'm not poking in a sore spot - did you hear back yet? No matter what the answer was, getting experience interviewing is really valuable. It does sound like things went well, though! I'm just sorry there's so much competition out there. It's a really tough economy these days and a lot of people need work.

Got my fingers crossed......

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