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High Costs of Health Care

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I'm a health care worker in a nursing home. Until recently, our organization included the nursing home, home health care, assisted living apartments, physical therapy and a small hospital. Due to financial difficulties because of the high costs of providing patient care, which are increasing, a lot of our facility was closed a couple of weeks ago. Only the nursing home and assisted living apartments remain.

I was wondering what thoughts everyone had on the high costs of health care.
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I think it is ridiculous how much doctors and facilities have to pay for liability insurance. That is one of the biggest culprits in the rising cost of healthcare. In some cases the lawsuits are reasonable, like when the put a heart of the wrong blood type in that girl a few months ago because they forgot to check. Many of the lawsuits are just plain greed. Doctors are required now to run tests to cover their own rear ends, even if they are unnecessary. I know this is a small thing, but when I switched from Depo to the Pill, I had to get a pregnancy test because my appointment with my doctor was a few days after when my Depo shot should have been due. I could tell her with certainty that there was no way I was pregnant, but we had to do the test anyway because of her liability if she didn't (she told me that straight out).

I think those doctors who have gone on strike to protest the cost of liability insurance and zero regulation on caps have a real greivance. I have much more sympathy for them than those strikes for better vision insurance.
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Heidi, I agree that some lawsuits against doctors are done out of greed. My uncle is an M.D., and he isn't willing to stop and help victims at the scene of a bad car accident because he's so afraid someone will think of some reason to sue him later for malpractice. Having doctors willing to treat people at the scene of a crash could easily mean the difference between life and death for some.
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Here's my 2 cents on the Pharmacy aspect of it. Every week we have at least 3 to 4 drug reps that come in and talk to us about the newest and better drugs they have to offer. They always want us to go to Lunch with them, if not they offer to have something catered in, give us loads of pens & scratch pads, give us clocks, clipboards, coffee mugs & a whole bunch of useless things. For one our Company does not allow us to accept their invitation for lunch or for them to cater something in. We can only accept the pens & etc. I hate taking those things! Mainly because I know that if I take them, it will only cost the customers/patients more by accepting them. There was a special on 48 hours last year about different Drug Manufacturers and Representives. This one company gives out FREE cruises to the Dr's if they prescribe XXX amount of a specific drug that they make. Then the cost of each cruise is added to the cost of the drugs! It makes me so mad to see these people who do not have insurance required to buy this expensive medication because the Dr is wanting a cruise out of the deal. They are many medications on the market that are less expensive that will do just as good, but the Dr will not prescribe them because they get nothing in return. It's really sad that the Drug Manufacturers are determing what the "BEST" medication I should take.
It breaks my heart every single day when I see an elderly person fork out hundreds of dollars for a medication that they don't necessarily need. It hurts me enough to see these individuals pay hundreds of dollars for medication that they do need since many elderly do not have insurance that pays for their drugs. The whole medical profession has gone down hill in the past 20 years and a lot of it has to do with Drug Rep's, patient insurance, and Dr liability insurance.
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Hello! The amount of insurance costs heaped on health professionals is ridiculous! My stepfather is a family doctor, and he recently had to stop delivering his patients babies because the insurance was so high that he was paying thousands of dollars more in insurance than he was making from the deliveries.
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Lorie, doesn't your state have a Good Samaritan law? In AZ, if someone stops and renders aid, at the scene of an accident, they can't be sued, as long as they are acting in good faith and within the scope of their qualifications. Doctors are totally covered.

I, for instance, could not be sued if I broke someone's ribs, while doing CPR. (Its almost impossible NOT to break ribs). If I stitched up a wound, though I'd be in trouble.
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My uncle lives in a different state, and I'm not sure what the laws are there.
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I live in a poor area of the country where many people can no longer afford medical care.......at all. I shake my head often and wonder why the people in this country aren't out in the streets demanding decent affordable health care. The culprit behind the whole mess is GREED. Greed by most drug companies who want more and more profit. Greed by some patients who file lawsuits for nothing. Greed by some doctors who run their patients through their offices like cattle to do a volume business with profit their bottom line. It goes on and on. You can't pin this on anyone element. Eventually the whole system will collapse and we'll have to rebuild from the ashes. In the meantime, all will suffer.
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I and a couple of my friends have some very expensive medical conditions. I can't afford my medication without insurance (and we have to fight our insurance regarding covering the meds all the time too because their formularies are a joke!) so I ended up marrying my husband 2 months before the wedding for legal purposes.

The worst part is that companies are making employees pay for more and more. I remember 15 years ago when my first company was self-insured and it covered everything! No co-payments or anything and you could get 90 days of meds for $2.50. What I wouldn't give to go back to that! Salaries were a little higher back then too.
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